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RIP Tara [title edited by MNHQ]

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bulletjournal Wed 08-Feb-17 15:48:42

I never feel cheerful about celebrities passing away, I did not know her, but she always striked me as a very sad girl, and her death is a bit of shock. She had so many opportunities, but did not seem to find her place. RIP Tara.

sonyaya Wed 08-Feb-17 15:49:20

It's never unreasonable to be sad anyone has died.

WaitrosePigeon Wed 08-Feb-17 15:49:48

She was so young.

sonyaya Wed 08-Feb-17 15:50:02

...particularly of a brain tumour which i know from personal experience is a cruel cruel way to die

waitingforgodot Wed 08-Feb-17 15:50:56

TPT has died ????? That's so sad

ladyballs Wed 08-Feb-17 15:52:17

I'm a bit sad.

bulletjournal Wed 08-Feb-17 15:52:48

It's strange, I really feel so sad to learn the news. I have never felt that for another celeb. It's never good news, but this is just upsetting. I am not sure why her death should have any effect on me. Weird.

bulletjournal Wed 08-Feb-17 15:53:29

Sorry, it shouldn't be about me. Her poor family must be devastated.

Costacoffeeplease Wed 08-Feb-17 15:53:58

She was very troubled, I hope she found some kind of peace in recent years

The80sweregreat Wed 08-Feb-17 15:54:23

I liked her ,she seemed very bubbly and candid about her drug habit in the past too. So young to die.

QueenMortificado Wed 08-Feb-17 15:54:53

Isn't it a bit tasteless to put this as an AIBU? How could anyone tell you you're being unreasonable?

It's very sad. She was very young and vibrant. A real shame.

TheNaze73 Wed 08-Feb-17 15:55:23

YANBU, 45 is no age.

Didn't know her but, sad to hear

KERALA1 Wed 08-Feb-17 15:55:47

How sad. She seemed quite lost in later years.

derxa Wed 08-Feb-17 15:57:07

Tara was quite bonkers and lovely sad

PuraVida Wed 08-Feb-17 15:57:12

TPT died shock

Bambambini Wed 08-Feb-17 15:57:27

Had no idea. She seemed quite a character - is a bit sad.

Lespritdelsietanner Wed 08-Feb-17 15:57:34

I didnt know that she had died. That is very sad indeed. YANBU.

YouHadMeAtCake Wed 08-Feb-17 15:58:49

I didn't know until I read your thread . Sad, she never seemed to be truly happy.

leccybill Wed 08-Feb-17 15:59:01

From a malignant pituitary gland tumour I've read?
How sad. She was bananas but essentially not a bad 'un.

deadringer Wed 08-Feb-17 15:59:53

Thats sad, 45 is so young. Rip

HappyFlappy Wed 08-Feb-17 16:00:55


I've just said almost the same thing on the other TPT thread.

She struck me as sad and lonely, despite all of her partying etc.

stoopido Wed 08-Feb-17 16:01:52

I didn't know she had, sad.

bulletjournal Wed 08-Feb-17 16:02:19


Sorry, didn't mean to be tasteless. It's not exactly a secret news. It felt like a sad shock, and I can't really discuss in real life. It's just so very sad.

Oblomov17 Wed 08-Feb-17 16:02:24

I didn't know she had died! She was always so mucked up and unstable. And sad. Like inside. I don't know that much about why she was like that, but it always struck me as very sad. What a shame.

SirSidneyRuffDiamond Wed 08-Feb-17 16:04:57

She was an amazing pianist 🙁

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