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to be bored at work?

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RoonilWaslib Wed 08-Feb-17 10:26:19

I'm a Nanny to a very happy and lovely 8 month old. She's lovely and I do love her, but I'm struggling to fill the time.
I work 7-7, Mon to Fri. Of these 12 hours she naps for 3 of them, I get all the chores done whilst she naps.
We do a variety of activities during the week, unfortunately the way the timetables run means we have two things on a couple of days and none on others (notably Wednesdays and Thursdays)
We do playgroup and baby yoga on Mondays, baby swim and a big play date thing on Friday. A music class on Tuesday.
We go for walks, to the library and play at home. So it's not like we don't get out etc but on the days we don't have an organised activity, its painfully, mind numbingly slow. She's great, and we play a lot together but I can't fill 9 hours a day with that.
As I'm paid to be with her, I must dedicate my attention to her - though I'll sometimes batch cook whilst she plays.

AIBU to be so bored? She's so little we can't do much yet and I feel like such a cow because she's so lovely. Apparently only boring people get bored too sad

user892 Wed 08-Feb-17 10:28:50

Stick the telly on wink

RoonilWaslib Wed 08-Feb-17 10:39:12

Tempting, but I imagine Boss wouldn't be too happy grin TV is banned until she's 4

bec3105 Wed 08-Feb-17 10:40:34

Can you arrange more groups/activities/play dates? Meet up with other local nannies?

user892 Wed 08-Feb-17 12:18:34

TV is banned until she's 4

Although I was joking - actually that's a real shame. Cbeebies was so good, educational, appropriate and fun for my daughter when she was wee. Learning to sit quietly and learn from the TV in short-ish bursts is a useful skill IMO.

But you're under strict orders, so...

RoonilWaslib Wed 08-Feb-17 13:16:54

I'm not sure how to meet other nannies tbh. The people going to playgroup are lovely they are mostly Mums (who generally speaking aren't interested in hanging out with nannies) and a couple of nannies who are already matey.
I'm pretty shy, so I struggle with making friends anyway.

RoonilWaslib Wed 08-Feb-17 13:17:39

user892 no TV is a fairly common rule in households I've worked in smile I think it has its place and can be useful, but its pretty easy to get the sack in this industry so I won't rock the boat!

Pandham13 Wed 08-Feb-17 13:19:46

what about a play area? We have one 5 minutes down the road from us that my 2 kids love. It will pass a couple of hours at least.

OhWotIsItThisTime Wed 08-Feb-17 14:08:10

Find local groups on Facebook and organise meet-ups under the guise of socialising the babies.

if your area hasn't had its children's centres shut down by the government, they're fab.

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