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To feel a programme dramatising Shannon Matthew's disappearance is in poor taste?

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Annie592 Tue 07-Feb-17 22:43:30

I watched it. I quite enjoyed it. (I think Sheridan Smith is amazing.). But it doesn't sit quite right with me. I want to be able to say why, but I can't explain it. Maybe because a real life case of a nine year old's abuse doesn't feel like something that should be used for entertainment? Wondering if anyone agrees and can articulate it better? Or whether it's actually an important topic to talk about and I'm being stupid. I honestly don't know. Would appreciate mumsnet thoughts!

hibbledobble Tue 07-Feb-17 22:46:37

I agree. I wonder how poor Shannon Mathews feels about it. She is 18 now.

123beanie Tue 07-Feb-17 22:47:02

To some extent I understand where you're coming from but I also felt like the programme was trying to focus more on the work of a community and key individuals. Perhaps showing how strong we can be in times of crisis? Then the next episode I assume will go on to see how people react when they have to face the reality of other people's cruelty? However I do agree it's slightly unsettling when you know the context behind it. It was truly an awful situation.

mumofthemonsters808 Tue 07-Feb-17 22:47:31

I agree, it's in very bad taste, Shannon and her brothers and sisters have new identities. I wonder if their permission had to be obtained ?. I think the BBC overstepped the mark.

Upanddownroundandround Tue 07-Feb-17 22:49:14

I agree with you OP. Abuse and complete betrayal by the very people who were meant to care for Shannon the most is not something that should make a tv show. TV shows like this are for entertainment. We can try and dress them up as enlightening, etc but it's bullshit. It is entertainment with the aim of getting high viewing figures.

I hope that Shannon feels ok about it and perhaps had it discussed with her first but I feel like this is unlikely to have happened sadly.

Viviennemary Tue 07-Feb-17 22:52:39

It's a bit surprising they have been allowed to do this dramatisation. But I don't suppose the people involved have the wherewithal to sue.

Rugbyplayersarehot Tue 07-Feb-17 22:54:03

The programme makers are focusing on the support the local community have to the family and how the community came together though.

Remember the community were vilified by the press as chavs and Cameron referred to them as broken britain and a sink estate think this is maybe addressing that side of the issue.

Perhaps God knows the fact that her whole community were fighting to get her home could be a positive thing for Shannon.

Rugbyplayersarehot Tue 07-Feb-17 22:55:16

vivienne who could sue? The facts are public record. On what grounds could anyone sue?

walkingtheplank Tue 07-Feb-17 22:55:34

It's in very poor taste. Poor Shannon. I didn't watch it because it's exploitative.

glitterazi Tue 07-Feb-17 22:57:29

I was saying this earlier. It doesn't sit right with me either, which is why I didn't watch.
It's a real life situation, and a real life little girl who had to go through all that abuse.
To turn it into a tv show for the entertainment of others turns my stomach a bit.

SpiritedLondon Tue 07-Feb-17 22:57:51

Does that mean it's acceptable to dramatise real events where the victim is dead.... as in 10 Rillington Place? Seems like we're pretty comfortable with serial killers.

dingdongthewitchisdead1 Tue 07-Feb-17 22:59:14

I think it raised a lot of important issues.. the sense of community and the importance that played was admirable.
I think it portrayed the mother as somewhat a victim. She obviously wasn't the brightest spark and it seemed that Craig's mum and sister and obviously the uncle may have coerced her. I don't think she had the capacity to truly understand what she was doing.. raising another angle of abuse.
But yeah I agree it is a bit distasteful and would have been hard for Shannon to watch

CondensedMilkSarnies Tue 07-Feb-17 23:00:16

I watched it and felt uneasy . I understand the makers trying to get the community spirit across but to me it felt false , as though the neighbours (except the one woman watching the fireworks) were 'enjoying' the limelight .

Iamastonished Tue 07-Feb-17 23:01:05

I know someone who was involved in the case. It would be interesting to get her point of view.

TheLivingAsheth Tue 07-Feb-17 23:01:52

I believe Shannon's grandparents have complained about it

Summerof85 Tue 07-Feb-17 23:06:25

I agree OP, I don't think it's a subject for entertainment although a lot of true stories have been made into dramas. I watched bits of it, think the actress who plays the mother looks very like her. I remember watching it all on the news at the time and when it was revealed the mother had kidnapped her - shocking.

proseccoMama Tue 07-Feb-17 23:06:52

Agree it is cruel for Shannon and siblings (and Her dad but don't kno why she didn't move there after?)

On another topic, must be very hard for Shannon anyway to live with a new identity and keep
Of this secret inc he siblings , true name , reason in care, where she is from. I mean even
Just saying she's from dewsbury originally and in care many people
Would click. What a rotten hand she as dealt with. And now going trough this. I mean can she even discuss it in real
Life with anyone ?

annielouise Tue 07-Feb-17 23:07:06

It's really in the public eye right now - at the worst time for Shannon who has just turned 18 I think. Poor girl. I hope the last few years have been kind to her.

MissKeithLemon Tue 07-Feb-17 23:07:06


fuckingwall Tue 07-Feb-17 23:07:11

It's far too soon.

gillybeanz Tue 07-Feb-17 23:08:33

I think it's wrong to dramatise it, it's not entertainment, so I don't watch things like this.
If people didn't watch them OP, they wouldn't make them.
You help to rate this type of thing.

CondensedMilkSarnies Tue 07-Feb-17 23:08:44

Would the producers have had to ask permission to make the programme ?

Birdsgottaf1y Tue 07-Feb-17 23:11:11

I think that this could force Shannon to relive everything (and her five siblings) and then feel the need to publicly comment.

If you think of the bad press and vilification that the West (Adult) children got, this could be devastating.

I do think that it was too soon.

There will be a lot of emotional fall out from this, especially for seven abused children, which for the sake of entertainment, isn't right.

flowersandfoxes Tue 07-Feb-17 23:11:11

I couldn't understand what they were flipping saying.

WorraLiberty Tue 07-Feb-17 23:11:55

If you think it's in poor taste OP, how come you quite enjoyed it? confused

That's exactly like all the threads on MN started by Daily Mail readers, complaining about the Daily Mail.

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