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Trouble at Mill - Union f*ck up

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KisstheTeapot14 Tue 07-Feb-17 21:12:01

Ok, so I've been negotiating with work recently about lessening my hours (health reasons). They have been great, though a long term solution still isn't on the cards. Hey ho, I am not cross or anything, they have made a genuine effort to support me.

Went to my union to get some info. Not on warpath, just wanted to see if there had been similar cases and how resolved. Union unhelpful, had a merry old dance round via the houses back to original rep. Think they felt somewhat like they had a wrist slap from higher up for not dealing with the query.

They then came up to me at work in office where co workers/managers were and in an obvious way started to ask about the issue!! I have put in a complaint.

I think the person who did this is going to get v. bolshy and try to make out I am making something out of nothing. Tell me I'm not BU? Good ripostes welcome. I've been reading the parking thread and feeling like I need some feisty tips on dealing with bullshit.

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