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To worry that I've ruined it!!

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Squtternutbosch Mon 06-Feb-17 00:43:05

My 13-week old son started sleeping through in his own crib at about 9 weeks- from 10ish until 7 or 8 with just a couple of wakes for feeding and then easily back to sleep. It was a huge relief as previously he had refused to sleep anywhere but on me, and it meant I never slept.

I recently took him abroad to meet family. 6-hour time difference (went west). The first few days we were there he screamed for a while in the evenings and had to be helped to sleep, but he mostly slept through.

But, we have now come back east. We've been back since Thursday and every night has been worse than the one before. Tonight I put him down, asleep, at 10. At 10:30 he was awake. Got him back to sleep and he woke at 11. Got him off again but he slept for 20 mins before waking up screaming the place down. Totally inconsolable. He is never like that. All my usual tricks did nothing but make him angrier. After 45 mins he finally calmed down and dropped off, in bed with me. In the last hour he has woken 3 times.

Has anyone experienced Baby Jetlag in such a little baby? Have I ruined my beautiful son's amazing sleep routine? And why oh why is he screaming so very angrily? sad. Any tips??

PomBearWithAnOFRS Mon 06-Feb-17 01:46:03

Babies don't know what time it is, honestly!
Could he be teething early maybe? Or he could just be under the weather (as my Mam would say)
At such a young age it's probably just "being a baby" - growth spurt, or no reason at all.
It's tough when you get no sleep, but it will pass, I promise. Just hang in there.

Squtternutbosch Mon 06-Feb-17 08:08:59

I did wonder about teething. But during the day he's perfectly happy, smiling and playing as normal.

Do babies not have circadian rhythms? Although he's not consciously aware of what time it is, I wondered whether he might be getting distressed because he's tired and it's nighttime but his body is telling him it's not.

Either that or he's just going through a phase, bit it seems odd that it would coincide with coming back from being abroad.

We managed 4,5 hours lastnight, which was a big improvement on the night before. But the tantrum that proceeded it was mor spectacular. So...who knows?

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