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To ask how often you replace your bedlinen

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Applesauce29 Sun 05-Feb-17 20:56:52

And do your pillowcases wear out faster?

My duvet covers and sheets are all stained with oil from massaging the pregnancy bump (annoying, tho no stretch marks so yay). Want to replace them all and buy extra spare pillowcases - mine always seem to fade quicker or get marks form make up / stain remover. Just curious how often people replace theirs, and how many sets you keep in rotation.

SignOnTheWindow Sun 05-Feb-17 21:01:13

Thread title made me think you were asking how often I changed the sheets when they walk off the bed and climb into the laundry basket themselves.

Replace old sets when they wear out - could be 20+ years of use depending on the quality.

LittleSausageFingers Sun 05-Feb-17 21:02:01

I've got some bed sheets that I've been using for at least 10 years, and they were hand me downs grin is that disguising?! I'm the kind of person to use things until they literally fall apart. My ancient linen is on the spare bed now. Our bed I have two sets, identical, really good quality and hopefully they'll last a long time.

Lilaclily Sun 05-Feb-17 21:02:19

We've had our's about 20 years ! Only get replaced when mild gives us her old ones blush

HandsomeDevil Sun 05-Feb-17 21:04:14

i was pondering this when I changed DD2's bed today. The linen on it was passed down from her cousin, so must be 15-20 years old, and looks absolutely fine (Laura Ashley before it went a bit rubbish).

harderandharder2breathe Sun 05-Feb-17 21:07:20

Currently using the first set I bought as an adult over a decade ago

I see no reason to get rid of it, it's lovely and soft and still perfectly functional

MsVestibule Sun 05-Feb-17 21:51:58

We've had ours (quite good quality, I think) for nearly six years, it's the only set we have. There is now a hole in the fitted sheet, but it's near the bottom of it, so I'm just ignoring it.

I wonder if they last longer if they're not washed very often? It would certainly explain the longevity of ours 😀.

SecretSix Sun 05-Feb-17 21:52:56

I bought my current set of bed linen when I hung the previous duvet cover on the line and realised it had gone so threadbare it had torn! About 8 years old, I think. I keep two sets on the go but always have more pillowcases as I like them ironed so I have to have spare ready for when I can't be bothered.

HecateAntaia Sun 05-Feb-17 21:55:55

When they get ripped.

I dont care about faded. I stitch tiny holes
It takes a foot tearing through it to get money out of me for a new one 😀

addictedtorunning Sun 05-Feb-17 21:57:10

Years and years, until the cotton starts to rip. Have two sets which I alternate and wash each and every week at least.

firawla Sun 05-Feb-17 21:57:17

We buy new every couple of years

NewtScamandersNaughtyNiffler Sun 05-Feb-17 21:57:54

My favourite set is the one I bought when my ex left in November 2009. It's so soft and lovely.
I have a newer set that's a couple of years old but it hasn't gone as soft yet.

Lovelybangers Sun 05-Feb-17 22:01:22

Ours seem to last for ages.

I recently purchased a new set as i wanted to change the colour scheme in the bedroom.

Sparklingbrook Sun 05-Feb-17 22:02:09

We invested in some high thread count stuff and it was worth the investment-so soft.

I am about to buy another set but the one we have on is the perfect softness now. grin

StrawberrySquash Sun 05-Feb-17 22:03:48

I had a cotton set that lasted only a couple of years from Debenhams. But the current ones are maybe seven years old, bought when I bought a king size duvet and showing no signs of wear

AndShesGone Sun 05-Feb-17 22:04:12

I have bedlinen over 130 years old, thick French linen. If it got a hole I'd repair it.

I've still got duvets/pillowcases from about 20 years ago.

chanie44 Sun 05-Feb-17 22:04:29

We bought bed linen 8 years ago when me and OH moved in together. We are now slowly replacing them - they are in an 'okay' condition, but we've recently redecorated our bedroom and got a new bed and we want linen to match the new bedroom.

123MothergotafleA Sun 05-Feb-17 22:04:34

I'm using a set given to me by a friend who bought them in America more than ten years ago. I've had them in constant use, alternating with one other set.
The quality of the American set was excellent, and I'm sad to say they're beginning to get the teeniest bit threadbare.

RedBugMug Sun 05-Feb-17 22:05:46

when they start to become threadbare. just had to replace my favourite set after 15 years <sniff>

Purplebluebird Sun 05-Feb-17 22:06:00

Roughly 5 years, but mainly because I was bored of them. Not at all worn!

meltownmary Sun 05-Feb-17 22:07:25

Forever really, cannot remember the last time I bought new apart from pillowcases.

You have just made me think how long I have duvet covers and sheets now. But they are just fine. They made em good in the old days! Sound like my Mum now! All neutral anyway and can be jazzed up, but I couldn't be bothered apart from a cushion or two if I'm in the mood!

zukiecat Sun 05-Feb-17 22:07:32

Think I bought my new duvet cover about ten years ago now, moved in to this house fourteen years ago and all my others were old ones friends gave me

Bought my current one in Argos and it's the only one I have now

Do fancy a change now though

fingles Sun 05-Feb-17 22:09:16

Some of mine are my grandmother's. She died in 1993.... Good linen lasts decades, honestly. grin

PossumInAPearTree Sun 05-Feb-17 22:09:37

Oldest set is 17yo. I chucked some older ones away recently due to colour scheme change. I have four sets on rotation.

Bluntness100 Sun 05-Feb-17 22:12:57

I replaced all of it last year and bought all white sets for all the beds and two sets for each bed. If any of it looks stained , dull or worn at some point in the future I'd just replace that one item whenever it was required as all white makes replacing individual parts of a set very easy.

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