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To ask for your treadmill recommendations?

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Singasongofjoy Sun 05-Feb-17 16:43:07

Living in a v large bedroom in a flatshare right now, and would be keen to get a treadmill to encourage me to exercise more. Anyone have any good recommendations? I would buy a sound reducing mat too to lessen noise/disturbance. Would also appreciate advice on whether this is feasible! (Or I can just join a gym!)

Singasongofjoy Sun 05-Feb-17 16:43:16

Budget max. 350 or so

calicocat88 Sun 05-Feb-17 18:32:39

I wouldn't bother with a treadmill- you can pop out for a quick run.I'd get one of those cross trainer things If you've not run before this would be better for you as you would be less impact and likelihood of injury- oh and it wouldn't make as much noise as a treadmill!

Tubbyinthehottub Sun 05-Feb-17 18:46:48

Are you on the ground floor? I have one that cost £800 or £900 and I wouldn't like anything more flimsy. And i make a right noise on it, I'd be worried in a flat!

calicocat88 Sun 05-Feb-17 18:47:35

oops- excuse the missing punctuation; my keyboard is dodgy!

Downtheroadfirstonleft Sun 05-Feb-17 20:31:11

I bought a Nordic one for just under £1k. It's fine, but I wouldn't want anything flimsier (though I'm a hefalump). Maybe try a cross trainer? A skipping rope gives an incredible workout for a tiny price (but hard!).

MGFM Sun 05-Feb-17 20:34:20

I have just bought a spinning bike - quiet and really sturdy. Would def recommend - and not as bulky as a treadmill

Bette85 Sun 05-Feb-17 21:12:21

I'm sure I've seen somewhere where you can rent gym equipment so that you can try it out and decide if you want to buy it.

TaraCarter Sun 05-Feb-17 21:21:56

If you're on a budget, I have noticed that the bigger kinds of charity shop that sell large furniture have gluts of treadmills around February. Just saying...

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