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WIBU to put DS in the cone of shame?

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TooExtraImmatureCheddar Sun 05-Feb-17 09:19:17

2.5 yo DS grazed his chin at nursery last week. It scabbed over as usual, but he's started peeling strips of scab and skin off, and now has a large open raw patch on his face. He did it again with a tiny scratch on his cheek, so he's got two raw oozing wounds on his face and he just won't leave them alone! We put plasters on them but he pulls them off after maybe half an hour, and he's now made the chin wound so big plasters won't cover it. They both started off as really minor grazes! Anyone got any advice, short of tying his hands behind his back? It hurts when he pulls bits off and he cries, but it doesn't make him stop!

ReginaGeorgeinSheepsClothing Sun 05-Feb-17 09:20:42

Scratch mitts agsin?

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sun 05-Feb-17 09:20:53


TooExtraImmatureCheddar Sun 05-Feb-17 09:23:37

I don't think he'd keep those on either. Maybe if I made it a game and said he was being a kitten with paws. I'll try!

Is there anything medical to help it heal faster? Cream or anything? I've put Savlon on it but I think he just needs to leave it alone.

KarmaNoMore Sun 05-Feb-17 09:24:54

Mittens for a 2.5 year old?? Nah, cut the nails as short as you can, explain how bad the pain will be if it gets infected or the scars he will keep.

If everything fails, bribe him. Tell him you will buy him a particular toy next weekend as long as the scab is still in his face.

Crumbs1 Sun 05-Feb-17 09:25:32

Just leave it. Distract. It will most likely heal by itself unless he gives himself impetigo (yello, crusty, rapidly spreading) then he'll need to be seen.

MargotLovedTom1 Sun 05-Feb-17 09:26:20

I know with my DC at 2.5 yrs mittens would be straight off!

Only thing I can think of is making sure his nails are cut very short so it's harder to pick?

Rainatnight Sun 05-Feb-17 09:26:45

Oh yikes, that sounds difficult. This would not look good, but could you wrap gauze over his chin, round the top of his head, repeat?

MargotLovedTom1 Sun 05-Feb-17 09:27:00

X post with Karma.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 05-Feb-17 09:29:28

have they become infected with impetigo? that can make wounds grow rapidly worse.

NorthStarGrassman Sun 05-Feb-17 09:30:36

My ds did exactly this at 2.5 and is now 10 and has an area of red bumpy skin where the scar was. If I had a time machine I would definitely go for a cone.

adagio Sun 05-Feb-17 09:31:20

I'd try short nails plus a plaster or micropore on every finger tip, plus cream and plaster (probably gauze and micropore actually) for the face wounds. Hopefully he will waste so much time trying to get the finger plasters off he won't get to the face smile

ReginaGeorgeinSheepsClothing Sun 05-Feb-17 09:32:00

Is it intended picking or nighttime?

weechops Sun 05-Feb-17 09:36:56

My ds1 had pretty bad eczema when he was a toddler and to stop him picking/scratching I used Scratchsleeves. Pretty sure I got them from Amazon. It looks like a shrug but the sleeves aren't open at the end so the hands are enclosed. Really tricky for them to get off too smile

CalorieCreditEqualsCake Sun 05-Feb-17 09:40:02

My son did exactly the same thing at the same age. One tiny cut lasted months and scarred because he kept picking the bloody thing.

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Sun 05-Feb-17 09:41:32

Tried to upload pics but just froze my phone for ages. It isn't yellow, so hopefully not impetigo.

Oh dear, North, that's exactly what I was worried about!

I'm liking adagio's suggestion about plastering his fingers!

It's intended during the day - he peeled a long strip off in the car yesterday and made it bleed. His pillow and sheet were covered in bloody blotches this morning so I'm not sure what's going on at night - yesterday I was hoping it'd have scabbed in the night but I think he'd picked it all off before coming through.

ovenchips Sun 05-Feb-17 09:43:54

I would slather either Metanium - nappy rash cream or Lansinoh - normally used for healing cracked nipples from breastfeeding onto the sore areas while he's fast asleep every night until it heals. I have a child with SN who simply doesn't understand not to touch affected area and I've found these products to be brilliantly effective.

The Metanium is a fantastic barrier cream and very healing. It is very bright yellow and very pigmented and may stain bedding, jyst to warn you.

The Lansinoh is fantastic with soreness and reducing redness. Very, very greasy stuff which is great for healing but again, your bedding may get marked. It needs to be warmish (but not hot) to apply otherwise it's too hard and unworkable. And will wake your child up when you're trying to get it rubbed in.shock I generally put it in my trouser pocket at teatime to have it soft for nighttime application.

I know this won't solve the problem of your child picking at face during day, but it will heal things up significantly faster thereby reducing time there is a wound to be picked. Good luck!

AQuietMind Sun 05-Feb-17 09:47:05

I've only just discovered this stuff but germolene liquid plaster is brilliant stuff. You paint it over the wound and it is like a new layer of skin over the top, it is a bugger to get off but the only problem would be that it initially stings when you apply it.

AQuietMind Sun 05-Feb-17 09:48:30

He wouldn't be able to pick the sore through the liquid skin if that makes sense.

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Sun 05-Feb-17 09:48:54

Second attempt at pic

BlahBlahBlahEtc Sun 05-Feb-17 09:50:58

My daughter picks her face a lot (eczema) and it gets infected. It's so horrid. All I can do is try to ignore it and keep her nails short but most of the time she's in bed so it's hard to stop her. Occasionally explaining that her face will get sore helps but mostly not. Seems to be a comfort thing for her. Try to keep it clean, his nails short and hopefully that'll help ..good luck.

BlahBlahBlahEtc Sun 05-Feb-17 09:51:43

The liquid plaster the other user mentioned sounds like a good idea!

Blankiefan Sun 05-Feb-17 09:53:04

You can get a thing called scratchsleeves. They're like a bolero with mitts at the end. We had them for DD's eczema. They can wear them during the day tho we only used them at night.

We stopped using them at about 2yo but they sell them up to 6-7 years old.

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Sun 05-Feb-17 09:53:22

I have both Metanium and Lansinoh in the house! At this stage I don't care if it stains things.

The Germolene stuff sounds good too - shall try that as well once we get out to a chemist.

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Sun 05-Feb-17 09:54:57

I'm not sure about the scratchsleeves thing. He's very dexterous and would be infuriated by it!

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