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Who picks up a guide dogs poop?

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Pinkiepie1985 Sat 04-Feb-17 23:52:35

Genuine concern here... grandmother is regisrered partially sighted and getting worse. She qualifys for a guide dog... I'm sure the particulars would be explained to her should she decide to go ahead but... who picks up its poop if the owner cannot see?! Both out and about and within the home?

I do have genuine problems in life but this one has puzzled both our simple minds

foxyloxy78 Sat 04-Feb-17 23:55:28

I can honestly say I have never thought about that. But, its a very good question indeed.

Schwifty Sat 04-Feb-17 23:56:20

TheHouseOfIllRepute Sat 04-Feb-17 23:57:10

Perhaps they don't crap on duty
I know someone with a guide dog. It's a very different dog as soon as it's harness is put on

PotatoMcKale Sat 04-Feb-17 23:57:49

A friend oh mine adopted a retired guide dog, she was trained to only go on gravel when a certain command was given, the owner would know roughly where the dog was and where to aim a bag-covered hand

HowManyMoreTimes Sat 04-Feb-17 23:58:44

I have a friend who has a guide dog. The way it works is strict timing for meals (no snacks!) resulting in regular poos. Timed to be at home, and a sighted family member clears the garden!

HerRoyalFattyness Sat 04-Feb-17 23:58:50

They don't poo on duty. They are trained to.go when they get, so they will more than likely be at home with someone available to clean up.

FindoGask Sat 04-Feb-17 23:58:56

You're obviously very concerned about this - this is your second thread! I'm sure the guide-dog training people will have thought of this, it's a fairly obvious draw-back to having a guide dog.

ChairRider4 Sat 04-Feb-17 23:58:56

A guide dog is taught to poop on command and in one area of the garden (where hopefully somewhere can help clear up )

And if they ever did while out (TBH would. E very rare )then legally it does not have to be cleaned

IMissGrannyW Sat 04-Feb-17 23:59:28

I think you don't have to. There was a thread a while ago by a person with a guide dog saying she didn't have to pick up the poop but neighbours were pissed off, and there were lots of law quotes, and I think the answer was that if it's a guide dog, you don't have to scoop.

Schwifty Sun 05-Feb-17 00:00:13

Sorry pressed post too soon - I believe people registered blind are exempt from fines etc. There was a case a while ago involving an over zealous park ranger and a local council but it was overturned. Hope this helps and I wish every happiness to your grandmother and her new friend!

Pinkiepie1985 Sun 05-Feb-17 00:01:04

I'm not sure why it's created as two seperate identical threads but thanks for the answers! I can sleep easy now ha ha x

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