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Noisy neighbours music

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BBCNewsRave Sat 04-Feb-17 15:12:43

I live in a flat underneath a seriously noisy family. Well, it's the parents actually, not the children (although they run around shouting etc, it's normal child noise really and sooo much quieter than their parents!) They often shout at each other - not always in an arguing way, more like they have no concept of "indoor voices".

I can cope with this to some extent (by putting waterfall and birdsong sounds on youtube, if anyone needs a tip!) but the worst thing is the music. They listen to stuff with a thumping bass that shakes right through the flat, very very loudly. It's not constant or I'd have gone completely mad by now, but they keep doing it every day or two. The occasional party would be fair enough, but it tends to be randomly during the day or evening.

On good terms with our shared landlord who does intervene but it's making me feel like I'm the PITA! (Especially as previous family living there were exactly the same - ones before that were quiet though.)
I have repeatedly asked them to turn it down, and they are polite enough but always turn it off. Until two days later...

I have gone to great pains to be polite and explain they don't need to turn it off, just down, asking if the speakers are on the floor and could they stand them on something. I can't understand why they are incapable of listening to music at a reasonable volume! I feel like a right misery guts because it's like I'm banning them from listening to music! Just had to knock, and she said, incredulously "but it's daytime!"

Argh. I know I probably have no legal leg to stand on between 7am-11pm but honestly! I don't expect silence, just to be able to hear myself think!

user1477282676 Sun 05-Feb-17 09:02:45

Having been a flat dweller, my only advice is to move. Sorry. It's just what happens when there are people above you.

babychamcherryb Sun 05-Feb-17 09:55:59


needmoregin Sun 05-Feb-17 11:54:21

I would start doing it back to them but instead of thumping base how about Daniel O'Donnell or gypsy kings wink

Fabellini Sun 05-Feb-17 11:57:28

I'm kind of with your neighbour on the "it's daytime" thing I'm afraid. And it may very well be that the acoustics of the building are making it sound worse in your flat than it does in theirs - as far as just hearing thumping bass goes.
No helpful solutions though, sorry.

BBCNewsRave Sun 05-Feb-17 15:48:37

as far as just hearing thumping bass goes.

Sorry, wasn't clear in my OP - it's not just the thumping bass I hear. I can hear the whole music, as if its on in my flat! The thumping bass is the worst bit though as that actually vibrates through everything including me.

I guess I'm just stuck with it as I can't afford to move.

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