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To think the Dairy Milk guy in the advert with the purple waistcoat is as sexy as he'll

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witchofzog Thu 02-Feb-17 17:53:30

"Yes Sir. I can boogie" He can boogie with me anyday smile

I am being unreasonable aren't I? blush

ExcuseMyEyebrows Thu 02-Feb-17 17:56:43


Sexy, sexy Keith <fans self> grin

witchofzog Thu 02-Feb-17 18:01:32

Keith? He has a name?? Ooh Keith what a lovely sexy man you are grin

glitterazi Thu 02-Feb-17 18:03:04

Cannot possibly comment on whether you are U or not without a picture as I have no idea who you're on about. smile]

ExcuseMyEyebrows Thu 02-Feb-17 18:09:00

Keith's story.....

"The Logistics Manager, working late, is in his office while on hold waiting for the telephone. The song “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” by Baccara plays as the man waits. He takes a bite of a Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar. The candy has lifted his spirits and he turns up the song playing on his telephone. As he gets more and more into the song, he starts to lip-sync the lyrics as he performs a sitting dance routine. He takes his chair with him as he rolls and dances down the aisles of the office cubicles. He reaches the desk of a woman who is also working late and gives her the Dairy Milk Bar, maybe hoping to lift her spirits as well."


witchofzog Thu 02-Feb-17 18:09:17

I got it wrong. It's a purple tie. But here is the lovely Keith smile

ExcuseMyEyebrows Thu 02-Feb-17 18:11:16

Here you are glitterazi

witchofzog Thu 02-Feb-17 18:12:19

Double Keith. You are being spoilt Glitterazi grin

DarthMother Thu 02-Feb-17 18:13:11

I was just thinking this earlier! I think it's the twinkle he has in his eye.

beanfilledfish Thu 02-Feb-17 18:15:23

It's such a shit ad

witchofzog Thu 02-Feb-17 18:16:04

He is the perfect nice naughty guy. Kind face but I reckon also a dab hand in the bedroom too smile

Ohb0llocks Thu 02-Feb-17 18:18:16

Yanbu I'd ride him like sea biscuit

Sidge Thu 02-Feb-17 18:19:05

There is something strangely appealing about him, I agree!

Mind you I quite fancy the guy in high heels and denim hotpants in the Money Supermarket adverts so what do I know...

Janey50 Thu 02-Feb-17 18:19:53

grin He looks like a chubbier version of an ex of mine!

ExcuseMyEyebrows Thu 02-Feb-17 18:19:58

Oh yes, naughty but nice.

<pokes beanfilledfish>

witchofzog Thu 02-Feb-17 18:21:46

And I honestly thought I was alone and a bit odd to find him so attractive.

witchofzog Thu 02-Feb-17 18:23:04

*Ride him like a sea biscuit" Not heard that before but it made me laugh out loud grin

Sugarpiehoneyeye Thu 02-Feb-17 18:23:33

Think it's the 'Come to bed' eyes !

tinglyfing Thu 02-Feb-17 18:23:43

I would. It's those twinkly eyes and that grin....

Lostmyemailaddress Thu 02-Feb-17 18:24:26

the actor is called Brendon Gibson and was also in penny dreadful.

happyvalley4 Thu 02-Feb-17 18:24:46

I thought it was just me .... he's definitely my weird crush! 😜😜😜

DianaMemorialJam Thu 02-Feb-17 18:25:03

Unrelated but I watched apple tree yard today and the mi5 guy is beaut.


Willowfrost Thu 02-Feb-17 18:29:44

Brendon Gibson gets my vote wink

witchofzog Thu 02-Feb-17 18:30:30

Thanks lostmyemail He is irish too. I love an Irish accent!

Without the beard smile

Lostmyemailaddress Thu 02-Feb-17 18:35:34

grin no problem I'm not sure if he looks better with or without the beard.

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