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to think this judge is taking the piss

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roseshippy Thu 02-Feb-17 12:43:31

Basically 23-year-old male has two police chases in separate cities within two hours, due to TWOC, stealing petrol, no licence and no insurance. Crashes car causing damage to street furniture

He has 42 convictions for 101 crimes, but judge says

"at the age of 23, my sending you back into custody without trying at least to some extent to see if you can change your attitude and offending, in my judgement, would be a disservice to the public and to justice.”"

Judge Climie added if Whittaker compiled with the probation service and did not commit any further offences within three months, he would avoid a prison sentence.

AIBU to think (a) he's obviously not going to change and (b) three months is a ridiculously short amount of time. A speeding offence stays on your licence for four years, but as long as he doesn't get caught ram-raiding an off-licence in the next three months he's off scot-free?

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