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To ask for help dealing with my 10 year old attitude

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Cindbelly Thu 02-Feb-17 10:48:02

Not really an AIBU - posting more for traffic really.

DS is 10 and has ASD. He has been bullied at school by a particular boy which we are working with the school on how to deal with. No option to change schools as we are in a highly populated area and there are no schools in the borough that have a space for him.

His attitude for the past few weeks has been awful. We've been lenient with him to a certain extent, trying to take his ASD and the fact that he hates school and is unhappy there, into account - But this morning I have hit braking point.

On the walk to school he was like a grumpy attitude teenager 'everyone hates me' you have no idea how hard my life is' everyone else has got xyz and I dont, you dont care etc etc etc you get the drift

Anyone got any suggestions how to deal with this? My gut reaction this morning was to take every privilege away for a week, to let him see that if he thinks his life is hard now then it could be a lot worse.. I haven't told him this by the way he just stormed into school but now Ive calmed down I'm wondering if there is a better strategy?

I just feel so ground down and sad trying to do whats best, and I'm starting to worry that by making allowances myself and DH are making him spoiled and entitled.

scrabble1 Thu 02-Feb-17 10:59:08

We have the same with our 10 year old (adhd and asd). He really does find school hard, just had mock SATS etc. Struggles with friendships, constantly getting told off for fidgeting etc. It is like a pressure cooker effect

Cindbelly Thu 02-Feb-17 11:04:28

Thanks for replying scrabble its good to know were not alone. Although I am sorry you are having the same issues as well.

The pressure cooker affect is right I think... I'm just not sure how to carry on. I need a strategy that shows I understand why he is behaving like this, but it's not ok and cant continue

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