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Many, many people took recreational drugs in the 90s. Where are they now?

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perhapsiwill Thu 02-Feb-17 07:47:12

I'm not a drug addict and none of my friends were at the time, we just took Es at the weekend, sometimes other drugs. We all went to work or college, seemed like everyone else did this too. We had a great time, weekends were for dancing and hugging, I didn't get on with drunk people and one night stands and it suited me much better.
I moved away from where I grew up, nice area to another nice area.
When I mention partying in my youth to other mums where I live now, they look at me as if I'm an addict who needs help confused.
Are they all pretending? There were thousands of us doing this so where are they now? And why do people who never took drugs appear to feel so morally superior? One of the women where I live openly talks about cheating the system financially yet looks at me like I'm scum because I went out and had fun 20 years ago. (And probably once a year now!) I feel that because I mentioned this one evening in a pub I have alienated myself from the local mums.

FizzBombBathTime Thu 02-Feb-17 07:51:39

Some people just don't like/agree with using illegal drugs. I'm sure plenty of cheesy quavers from back in the day are now perfectly functioning members of society now with children/families!

CoteDAzur Thu 02-Feb-17 07:53:21

We are everywhere smile

YABU to tell your mummy friends about recreational drugs, though. Surely you knew they would get in a pearl clutching frenzy.

Fallonjamie Thu 02-Feb-17 07:53:55

Pretty much everyone in my social circle was doing it. Now we're all Drs/biologists/nurses/psychologists.

Branleuse Thu 02-Feb-17 07:55:09

theyre all around you

Thewolfsjustapuppy Thu 02-Feb-17 07:55:30

I'm here and sometimes I wonder the same thing

BartholinsSister Thu 02-Feb-17 07:57:33

Plenty of people enjoying recreational drugs long before the 90s, by the way.

busyboysmum Thu 02-Feb-17 07:57:56

Waves. I was an indie kid who went raving when that happened because I loved going out and dancing. All my friends gradually settled down with kids and we have have respectable jobs and are happily married and nobody does drugs anymore. I don't distinguish drugs from alcohol or tobacco personally as it's just a social construct which makes one illegal and the other not. Actually I think some of the husbands have a cheeky spliff occasionally. But no-one I know seems to have suffered any long lasting effects from it. We're all heading for 50 now. I do know someone who became an alcoholic and is now very poorly because of it but he never did drugs.

catinbooots Thu 02-Feb-17 07:59:21

Loads of people wink

Most in respectable careers now as PP said

and still at the odd festival

DrinkReprehensibly Thu 02-Feb-17 08:00:13

I've never taken any drugs and don't remember anyone I knew doing it either. Having said that, I couldn't care less what anyone else did back when they were young so no judgement here.

CaoNiMa Thu 02-Feb-17 08:00:39

2000s instead of 90s for me, but most of my old "crew" (cringe!) are now settled with children, apart from one guy who carried on, and is now doing odd jobs in an Australian quarry between raves.

MargeryFenworthy Thu 02-Feb-17 08:01:18

A friend of mine is quite open about the drugs she took during her clubbing days. I didn't know her then but I do fear they have had more of an impact on her than she realises. I do judge slightly I have to admit but I have always been very anti-drugs.

Meeep Thu 02-Feb-17 08:01:22

Yes I am constantly surprised by people joking about drinking to excess, needing to drink, only coping because of drink, then at the same time, being totally horrified at the idea of someone taking an E at the weekend.
People are strange.

Likeaninjanow Thu 02-Feb-17 08:01:47

We're everywhere! Most of my friends are senior level professionals now, married with kids etc. I don't mention it to any mum's at the school though.

PseudoBadger Thu 02-Feb-17 08:02:45


Lules Thu 02-Feb-17 08:03:52

If members of my family are anything to go by, stalwarts of their local NCT who think that having any drugs during childbirth is positively immoral.

Eolian Thu 02-Feb-17 08:03:59

Although in actual fact, the recreational use of some drugs is probably less harmful than heavy alcohol use, it's less socially acceptable in many circles. Maybe some of your mummy friends are not being truthful or maybe for them (like me) drugs were simply never part of their social scene and they believed it when they were told that drugs were illegal, dangerous and addictive, so never went near them. I was at university in the 90s and had a great time, but I think I saw a few people with cannabis a few times and that was the total extent of my exposure to drugs (in my whole life!).

MrsJayy Thu 02-Feb-17 08:05:08

I was dead boring --and to scared totake drugs , my friend used to come to work on a Monday after a weekend of raving very wide eyed I was a bit envious. Your mummy friends were probably down the pub instead. Friend is now a Nursery manager a perfectly ordinary person ,

TheNaze73 Thu 02-Feb-17 08:05:40

YABU thinking it was a 90's thing. I think people born in the 1940's, who partied in the 1960's would have something to say about that.
Ibiza in the late 80's was so good, we all drunk water & had the odd disco biscuit, we all survived and hold onto jobs & have families now.

BringMeTea Thu 02-Feb-17 08:06:01

Weird isn't it? But I suppose, if you think about it, there were the ravers and then there were the non-ravers outside of your social circle.

Personally, I find most of my friends made in later adult life also dabbled. Avoid judgemental people like the plague. They tend to be both bitchy and dull.

MewlingQuim Thu 02-Feb-17 08:06:19

I was a raver and I am 99.9% certain my neighbours were too. We don't discuss it though, just give each other knowing looks, I am a sensible middle aged scientist and they are schoolteachers.

It feels like a secret society, we should have a special handshake or something so we can recognise each other without mentioning our dodgy pasts grin

StorminaBcup Thu 02-Feb-17 08:06:26

I've always wondered this too! I live in Manchester so it's not like partying at the weekend is unheard of. I've met one other mum who still goes out but that's it. It's weird, the clubs were packed way back when grin

CarelessWispas Thu 02-Feb-17 08:06:38

Hahaha I'm still here too <hugs, waves, loves freely> grin I still have a minor secret smoking habit but apart from that 100% highly respectable.

PrancingQueen Thu 02-Feb-17 08:06:45

I really enjoyed my time partying - never had any problems with drugs (just psychedelics, e's and weed though).
As a responsible single mum pushing 50 I look back on those days with fondness!
There's a lot of us around OP wink

JanuaryMoods Thu 02-Feb-17 08:07:03

It was very much a thing in the late 1960s and early 70s in my age group. We all grew up and got proper jobs.

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