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To feel so emotional about this?

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d0ubleTr0uble Mon 30-Jan-17 11:59:29

I think I need to be handed a grip.

DD is 3, and at a lovely little local nursery, been there since 13 months when I went back to work. She's now one of the oldest kids, and her friends are slowly going off to pre-school nursery.

She's been offered a place at a pre-school and whilst it seems lovely I feel like crying about her leaving her little cosy nursery world where she is now blush

Can't explain why, but saying goodbye to the amazing people that have looked after makes me so sad! I do know she can't stay there forever. Might look a bit odd having a 10 year old at nursery grin

Disclaimer: I'm usually tough as old boots so this feeling comes as a surprise! Does everyone feel like this about their childs' first setting when they leave?

Disclaimer 2: I have a 10 week old so am hormonal too gringrin

user1477282676 Mon 30-Jan-17 14:25:56

Oh yes and you will feel emotional when they leave the next and the next and so on grin It's fine though....take a photo and move on. Let her see you're excited about her moving up.

Rory786 Mon 30-Jan-17 14:47:51

aww bless. YANBU. Get a nice box of chocolates for the staff, get dd to draw a picture for them and take a photo of her with the staff. I really treasure my photos, my ds1 is 14 now and I still have his nursery pictures. I hope she is just as happy at her new pre school.

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