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Flakey friends cancelling a hour before we meet up

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MedwayMumoffour Mon 30-Jan-17 10:18:10

I don't think I'm BU so not sure why I'm posting here but I guess it's more AIBU that I'm finding to hard to keep caring.

So I have a friend, been friends for six years, used to see each other weekly at a kiddie play group or at least every six weeks if the kids weren't attending the play group.

Last year she has a series of disasters and cancelled 90% of meet ups. I didn't see her for six months at one point. I was quite upset at the time.

Anyway disasters are now over but she's still cancelling again. All very last minute. I was all ready to walk out the door on Friday but sent her a quick text to ensure it was still on, she replied with a last minute broken finger. It may or may not be true. But there wasn't and never is a option to see her at her house any more. I haven't been invited for over a year. She can't drive but husband works 30 miles away so it's around to do school runs, no local family and kids need driving to school.

She is lovely, I enjoy her rare company. I did decide to stop contacting her last year but it's her keeping suggesting to catch up. I think I'm just her back up and she has cancelled because she's had a better offer.

Elllicam Mon 30-Jan-17 10:21:55

Could it be social anxiety related? I have a similar friend who cancels last minute but I think she just gets so worked up she can't face meeting. I tend now not to count on her for meet ups but still text etc.

MedwayMumoffour Mon 30-Jan-17 10:48:18

I'm not sure. She used to be ok up until about 12 months ago and didn't seem anxious before. We don't do a lot of texting, just around meeting up. She's always been one to keep some things to herself. Like she's twice moved houses and only told me once it's a done deal so it's not 'I am looking at houses and think this might be the one' which is more the kind of small talk I would text updates on.

I think it's just not adding up. She's free, it's not contagious. I should have offered to go over and see if she was ok but but my first reaction was that it was made up. Which I feel guilty for

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