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To ask how often you replace your clothes?

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SuperVeggie Mon 30-Jan-17 06:11:52

Might seem like an odd question, but I feel like all of my clothes are worn out and old and horrible. But I don't really enjoy spending money on clothes, and I don't have a massive budget so I only really buy cheap things which then wash horribly and get worn out quickly and then I'm back at square one. Seems to be the case more with undies and bras etc which look new for about 5 mins before going all threadbare. I only wash on cold and try to look after stuff but to no avail.

How often do you buy new clothes out of necessity (rather than for new fashions etc)? And how often do you end up chucking stuff in the recycling cos it's so crap the charity shops wouldn't want it?

picklemepopcorn Mon 30-Jan-17 06:18:50

Some things last me years, I've got some stuff that's twenty years old that I still wear. Other stuff only a couple of years.
Bras from asda have lasted ages.
When I get rid do something I've usually worn it past charity shop standard to it goes into rag bin, not ordinary bin.

ftmsoon Mon 30-Jan-17 06:22:52

When it needs replacing. I have clothes that are 20years old but perfectly wearable.

SuperVeggie Mon 30-Jan-17 06:27:05

By recycling I meant textiles bin thingy rather than normal bin or normal recycling!

BarbaraofSeville Mon 30-Jan-17 06:38:23

I also have things that are years old and only buy from normal high Street eg M&S, Gap, Uniqlo, Dorothy Perkins, Matalan, Sainsburys, New Look, Mango. The quality seems generally fine.

I've never had anything from Primark, mostly because the cut doesn't suit me and the shops are always very crowded and messy so I can't be arsed. The only thing I remember as going all raggy quickly was a top from Zara.

I don't really like clothes shopping either but needs must. How much do you think you can afford to spend?

BarbaraofSeville Mon 30-Jan-17 06:40:55

BTW, I get a lot of stuff from m&s mostly because I pass a massive out of town one on the way home from work and it doesn't have to be expensive, eg jeans or black work trousers for about £20.

Mindtrope Mon 30-Jan-17 06:43:31

I buy clothes only when needed. I have some items that are 30 years old and still good.
95% of my clothes come from charity shops. I have a couple of local charity shops where all clothes cost £1. Even coats.

KateDaniels2 Mon 30-Jan-17 06:46:49

I do a big underwear shop once a year and buy good quality. They last at least a year, usually longer.

I buy clothes when i see something i like. And get rid of stuff as it look worn.

SuperVeggie Mon 30-Jan-17 06:54:16

Barbara I have also found Zara to be quite bad quality. Same with Primark. I tend to get most things from H&M and some stuff lasts really well while others go all bobbly or twist in the wash quite quickly. I've only ever bought a couple of things from M&S but they have lasted really well so maybe I'll look there more often. Budget is only about £20-30 per month, I have got some good stuff from charity shops before but find it needs more time as you have to hunt out the good stuff!

Iris65 Mon 30-Jan-17 06:55:37

I get off rid of stuff when it looks worn and only buy new stuff to replace. I have a one in, one out rule as I don't like clutter.

isthistoonosy Mon 30-Jan-17 06:56:02

I think I buy clothes too often but my OH is normally the one nagging me to buy more clothes / replace things that are old or don't fit me esp jeans, and nice work clothes.
Jeans from.Asda are lasting well so far, I've two pairs wear them at least five days a week and they are a couple of years old and look fine although do need washing more regularly to.hold their shape.
I have work / nice tops (smart t-shirts mostly) which are only put on the min before my coat and taken off as soon as I get home. They last well, as you'd expect. Then I have old tops for other times these are covered in baby stains on the whole and are binned (used as painting rags) when holes appear. The few I recently got rid off were about 10 years old, at a guess. Over time good tops become old tops of course. I buy most of my clothes from supermarkets and wash clothes at 40 degrees.

Atlast2017 Mon 30-Jan-17 06:58:16

I very rarely throw things out because they have worn out. More likely it has gone out of fashion and I don't wear it any more. I find things last for years and years even cheap
T shirts although they might lose their shape.

noeffingidea Mon 30-Jan-17 07:02:46

I usually buy a couple of new outfits each year and throw (recycle) anything that cant be sewn up. My weight does fluctuate though. I used to have a load of size 18-20 - they've gone.
Buying the odd new thing freshens up my wardrobe. I don't have a lot of clothes though.
Incidentally, I find turning things inside out to wash them helps a lot. All my stuff is cheap - Asda, primarks, etc and it still usually lasts a few years.

2rebecca Mon 30-Jan-17 07:04:35

When they wear out or I don't like them any more.

chipsnmayo Mon 30-Jan-17 07:06:40

Over the past few years I have practically built up a new work wardrobe so recently I took a bin bag of old work clothes to the local charity shop because it is quite worn and looks very dated, whilst I don't believe in fashion trends I do think my work clothes should look elegant, i.e I chucked my 80s power dresses out several years ago.

Tbh most stuff I wear around the house and the shops I've had for many years, it doesn't matter what state it's in because I like them and my standards aren't very high.

dodgydonkeysdoodah Mon 30-Jan-17 07:12:05

I buy things when I see something like (not very often!) or when (like you) I'm feeling desperately scruffy. I agree about clothes not lasting - I try to buy cotton as much as I can as it seems to last better without going bobbly, but it's not easy to find these days (in normal shops anyway). I bought a new jumper for £40 back in October but after half a dozen (i.e. about 3 weeks), it looked like a rag.

Justanothernameonthepage Mon 30-Jan-17 07:13:37

I budget £500 a year on clothes (although pregnant this year so that's being carried over to next year). As I save up throughout the year, it means in the sales I can buy a couple of good quality outfits. I also tend to keep an eye on eBay for brands I can't normally afford. My favourite brand if the French one Von50 which is great quality but I hang on for sales.

nooka Mon 30-Jan-17 07:23:16

I hate shopping so I buy new clothes as rarely as I can get away with. I don't buy super cheap clothes as I think it's a bit of a false economy. OK for small children who tend to grow out of clothes before they get worn out, but I expect my clothes to last for four or five years of hard wear. I'm just replacing my knickers which are probably ten years old. Just normal M&S but made well enough to last a while. Socks on the other hand hardly seem to last for months before they get lost or go into holes. Very irritating!

Camomila Mon 30-Jan-17 07:45:24

When they need replacing...I've got jeans, jumpers,and party dresses I've been wearing since uni (so almost 10 years)
Things like tee-shirts, vest tops, and socks last a lot less time, only a year or two.

I try to shop ethically but it's hard on a budget, I like H&M and M&S, they've got decent reputations for the high street. Plus I like seeing what's in the charity shops.

I try to buy fairly unisex stuff for DS to make it easier to pass on or re-use.

Old clothes either go to the charity shop (still good but doesn't fit/is itchy etc), fabric recycling bin, or I use as cleaning rags (old vest tops)

Snobbycat11 Mon 30-Jan-17 08:01:28

I often but from supermarket chains and Primark/Peacocks. I find they last ok. That said, I have too many clothes and don't generally wear items to death so I replace when I'm bored of them.

RebelandaStunner Mon 30-Jan-17 08:26:54

I end up replacing basics- bras, vest tops, socks etc after a year or so.
With other clothes I only buy things I really like and I try to buy quality if I can find it.
I like a mix of high street and brands but tend to stick with plain classic clothes.
Hate fussy clothes with bows, patterns and the rest.
A lot of high fashion passes me by and I only shop a few times a year.
I don't buy from supermarkets or primark.
My Hobbs, Jaeger, CK, Ted baker that I have for work has lasted really well. Some of that is 5+ years old made of wool, cotton etc still looking good.
Casual stuff for lounging that is made well I find is Superdry.
M&S knickers are still good whereas Sloggi has gone poor.

BarbaraofSeville Mon 30-Jan-17 08:29:30

OP do you have any outlet malls near you? There is nearly always an M&S (and Next and Gap) as well as a range of other brands and can be a good way of getting better quality at lower prices - I have far more success there than the sales or charity shops, which I find generally not worth bothering with.

Cakescakescakes Mon 30-Jan-17 08:32:56

I find being careful with washing helps my stuff last. Tops especially seem to shrink up and bag out so I wash my tops at 30, inside out and on gentle spin then line or air dry. Binging anything viscose especially into a normal wash just seems to destroy it.

Spice22 Mon 30-Jan-17 08:45:16

I don't mean to be rude but IMO when people often say they buy from Newlook etc and their clothes still look good 20 years later , whilst they may believe it, that's not the case. You can tell when clothes are worn out.

I don't know your budget OP but I recommend Topshop jeans - My favourite are the Jamie jeans and they cost just under £45 but they really do last ages. It works out cheaper as you don't need to replace them for quite a bit.
With Tops, I tend to buy them cheaper because I switch my tips a lot more. If I were buying for necessity, instead of fast fashion, I would most likely buy basic colours (not really sure of shops as most of my tips are not pricey and the pricey ones aren't really with it quality-wise).
With dresses, I try to spend less than £20 as you can't really repeat those.
With shoes, I tend to buy good trainers (£50+, I'm a junior size 5 so more for adult sizes) and general shoes will be a range (from Primark to River Island to Stewart Weitzan).
Bags, well that's my weakness and I understand that not everyone cares for them as I do - I don't think you do - so I shan't bother.
Accessories - Primark.

In answer to your actual question , my clothes never get to the point of needing to be replaced (except leggings , I need new ones).

SuperVeggie Mon 30-Jan-17 08:52:17

Thanks for all the replies, I think my problem is due to the fact that I did used to spend more on clothes (when I was younger and had more disposable income!) but now most of my stuff has been around a fair while so I feel like it's all just scruffy. I do replace things occasionally but because of my small budget most of my wardrobe just feels crap.

Outlets are a good idea so I'll have a look at those. I might have to take Rebelanda's approach and save up and then just buy a few good quality things that will last longer. Like Camomila I would like to buy most of my stuff from ethical places but that's hard on a budget unless you're going round charity shops frequently.

I suppose the other factor is that I've recently lost quite a lot of weight due to some medical issues, and scruffy clothes look even worse when they're a bit baggy! But me and DH will be TTC soon so I don't want to spend loads on stuff that's not going to fit me during pregnancy and probably not for ages after too.

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