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AIBU to take the bulbs?

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LollieB Mon 30-Jan-17 02:37:06

We are moving house tomorrow and we have LED bulbs all over the house which I wanted to swap out for normal bulbs. I've been to the pound shop today ( the only place which sells them near here) and they only have red ones (who on earth is buying these things??). Our buyer was a real a*rse and started trying to hold us to ransome for thousands of pounds the day before we were due to exchange, even though we'd sold him the place at a low price for a fast sale. I think I'm obliged to leave some sort of bulbs in the place, but I don't now want to leave the expensive ones......and I quite like the thought of driving past after we've moved out and seeing the place glowing red like a Dutch brothel.

SingingInTheRainstorm Mon 30-Jan-17 02:39:12

You bought the red ones then?

Did he win at being an arse?

Babyiwantabump Mon 30-Jan-17 02:42:44

I'd do it!

The people who I bought this house from took all the bits that you use to attach shades to light bulbs - the twisty bit and all the light shades too .

I don't think you have to leave bulbs at all though !

londonrach Mon 30-Jan-17 03:05:22

Practical head here..was led bulbs on the buyers form. Can he come back on this to you.

Fun head here...go for it

londonrach Mon 30-Jan-17 03:06:39

Just seen red bulbs...not sure. I woulnt. Is there a homebase, poundland another cheap shop near by

LollieB Mon 30-Jan-17 10:06:17

The buyer didn't get away with holding us to ransome, but it was really stressful while he was trying to do what he was doing. I've got the bulbs now and no time to go anywhere else for more. I actually think this is getting off lightly, really. I've heard of people doing things like putting raw prawns in curtain poles etc as a revenge tactic when a sale goes sour.

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Mon 30-Jan-17 10:11:43

My asshole vendor took all the bulbs, and a carpet. I also discovered that the twat had painted AROUND the paintings in the walls and I had huge dirty gaps all over the house. Prick.

Red bulbs seems unreasonable to me, but what does your inventory say? Does it include the bulbs?

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