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To not be surprised that anyone finding this offensive apparently does not have a sense of humour?

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nearlyfourbob Mon 26-Feb-07 04:11:13

future porn star T shirts for sale

welliemum Mon 26-Feb-07 04:14:47

No, perfectly reasonable.

It seems I have no sense of humour, by the way.

nearlyfourbob Mon 26-Feb-07 04:50:48

Well thats two of us. I did once try to tell The Warehouse that supporting positive parenting whilst selling "little monster" t shirts was not a good marketing fit and got told I had no sense of humour. So a year later and we hear that line again...but this time it's news.

Up till this they'd only sold 3 - it is just possible that this is their own press release. And that would make me sad about the world (pun intended)

eidsvold Mon 26-Feb-07 05:01:37

obviously I am with you and lacking a sense of humour.

not a popular choice if they have only sold three.

ghosty Mon 26-Feb-07 05:20:59

Ha. Ha. Ha. <<in toneless humourless voice>>

No GSOH here either nearly4bob ... that is appalling. I hate slogans.

Apart from the one on my DD's t-shirt that says:

"I love ice cream"

Which is fair enough really.

alipiggie Mon 26-Feb-07 05:24:09

Um can I add - no completely reasonable. Yuck and sick spring to mind.

MrsJohnCusack Mon 26-Feb-07 05:29:55

oh yes, we've been talking about this here

blinking hilarious isn't it - can't think WHY there's anything wrong with them

the - ahem - 'designer' sounds monumentally thick doesn't she - $45 for a 'joke' that isn't neccesarily to be worn. ha ha, I think my sides have split...

mamama Mon 26-Feb-07 05:31:24

No sense of humour here either, apparently.

Think it highly inappropriate. But then I'm a miserable old woman.

mamama Mon 26-Feb-07 05:32:17


ScummyMummy Mon 26-Feb-07 05:56:30

No sense of humour here at all, either.

mytwopenceworth Mon 26-Feb-07 06:47:56

PMSL. oh that's so funny. i must get one for my boys. does he do one that says rent boy, £20 an hour. ds1 is 7 now and really should be earning his keep.....

bloody pervert

Tutter Mon 26-Feb-07 07:17:26


yellowrose Mon 26-Feb-07 07:28:02

There is a difference between good humour and things that are in such bad taste they go beyond humour, this is one of the latter.

I generally don't like anything that is printed on baby/toddler clothing. I try desparately hard not to get tops that have cute bears or tractors and things on them for ds who is now 2.8, but very difficult when you can only afford cheaper clothing rather than expensive stuff, although I also object to in your face logos on children't clothing ! The last thing I want to teach my son is that he must only wear Dior or YSL when he grows up

fireflyfairy2 Mon 26-Feb-07 07:41:49

Who ever thinks of shit like this???

My SOH seems to have failed me this morning, I shall come back later, more mellow, & may perhaps find it funny then, to degrade my child & make innuendos about their future career.

nearlyfourbob Mon 26-Feb-07 07:43:30

I am actually more offended by Parents are Boring, because why would anyone buy something for their children that insults them?

FioFio Mon 26-Feb-07 07:44:51

Message withdrawn

nearlyfourbob Mon 26-Feb-07 08:52:56

I love the rent boy suggestion. of course you would have to buy at least one size too small to get the look right.

DontlookatmeImshy Mon 26-Feb-07 08:58:33

Ladies, we DO have a sense of humour. Ours just isn't warped, sad and pathetic.

yellowrose Mon 26-Feb-07 08:59:24

By the way total strange men stare at ds, I am extremely worried about what they may be thinking already, so wouldn't dare advertise him as well by putting some god awful text on his shirt too !

ghosty Mon 26-Feb-07 09:01:38

The more I think of this the more angry I get nearly4bob ...
It's crap.

turquoise Mon 26-Feb-07 09:06:12

I don't think the references to paedophiles etc are particularly necessary, it's just wrong. Nothing funny about it at all.

kslatts Mon 26-Feb-07 09:08:59

This type of thing makes me so angry, I hate slogan t-shirts anyway, but this is really bad, no wonder they have only sold 3, why would anyone buy one for a child.

Emskilou Mon 26-Feb-07 09:11:15

I do have a sense of humour I believe, however, not the sick, uneducated pathetic sense of humour the people that think these awful slogan t-shirts up. They must make their parents so proud

JanH Mon 26-Feb-07 09:18:14

$45NZ is only ("only") £16 so not quite as stupid as it sounds - but still pretty stupid for a, ahem, novelty.

The guy sounds like a total tosser. And what does he mean, "about 3"? 2, maybe?

MrsJohnCusack Mon 26-Feb-07 09:20:30

yes it's not so very much in your finest british pounds - but actually, with NZ wages as they are, it is more or less equivalent to paying 45 quid if you're operating in $NZ

still, worth every penny (cent) eh?!

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