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Dogs in cafes/pubs

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AutumnEve Sat 28-Jan-17 22:52:23

I was in a cafe for lunch today and the people next to me had large dog which tried sniffing my food when it was served to the table. The owners apologised but then didn't make any extraordinary effort to make sure it didn't happen again.

I don't mind dogs but DH doesn't like them. Why must people bring their dogs into these places and then not be sensitive as to whether the people around them feel uncomfortable?

Personally I think there should be laws about this.

Moanranger Sat 28-Jan-17 22:55:33

I think there are restrictions as far as cafes, restaurants. They are allowed in pubs. The exception is guide dogs. Should have taken it up with the restaurant owner.

WaitrosePigeon Sat 28-Jan-17 22:56:18

Oh I do love a good dog thread smile

altiara Sat 28-Jan-17 22:58:12

Yabu. Some places let dogs in, some don't. I don't particularly want a big dog sniffing my dinner so I just would choose somewhere else to go. If one the other hand I wanted to go out with a dog, then I'm happy there are places I can go.

jemmstar1980 Sat 28-Jan-17 22:58:48

So did it happen again?

happypoobum Sat 28-Jan-17 22:59:24

I was in a lovely pub today for lunch and it was full of dogs which made me very happy. smile

I guess if you don't like dogs you should check ahead and only go to places where they aren't allowed?

BestIsWest Sat 28-Jan-17 22:59:33

Generally it's up to the management - this includes cafes, shops and restaurants.. They are not allowed in all pubs.

The dog must be kept away from the food preparation area.

If the dog is well behaved, there should be no problem.

AddToBasket Sat 28-Jan-17 23:00:45

YABU. There are a lot of dog-free places you can go. Go to those.

The world is full of many different types of people', animals, places and annoyances. Let it go and choose somewhere else next time.

And try not to give your DC fear of dogs, it's definitely a learnt-from-parents thing.

ExitPursuedBySpartacus Sat 28-Jan-17 23:01:10

Aw bet he loved that sniff. Bet he's dreaming about it now.

But yanbu.

MajesticWhine Sat 28-Jan-17 23:01:39

My dog is an absolute pest in the pub she wants attention from everyone. I have concluded that I take her more often so she is more used to it.

Stuffedshirt Sat 28-Jan-17 23:02:05

There are no laws banning dogs, it's up to the owners. I saw a sign up once that said

Dogs that lie quietly under your table are welcome

Good call I thought. I can understand why dogs are allowed into cafes and pubs as so many people have them and business could be lost. I would complain to the owners if a dog bothered me in a cafe or pub.

jemmstar1980 Sat 28-Jan-17 23:03:24

Unfortunately people sit next to me and let their babies cry - really hurts my ears. When they apologise I tend to suggest they leave them outside tied up to the lamp post or whatever, I think there should be laws about this. This is a JOKE btw but if you don't like dogs don't go to a dog friendly cafe?

OliviaBenson Sat 28-Jan-17 23:04:08

Why must people bring their children/elderly parents/insert anything here into these places and then not be sensitive as to whether the people around them feel uncomfortable?


Lockheart Sat 28-Jan-17 23:05:08

There ARE laws about it. Pub owners and cafe owners can allow dogs at their discretion. With the exception of service dogs such as guide dogs, no pub or cafe is legally obliged to accept or decline dogs.

If you would prefer not to sit next to a dog, I would suggest frequenting establishments that don't allow them; in my experience there are more places that don't allow dogs than do, so you should have plenty of choice. Even then you might run into a guide dog though.

KoalasAteMyHomework Sat 28-Jan-17 23:05:24

I am clearly in the minority here as I thought dogs, except guide dogs obviously, weren't allowed on eateries. I love dogs but wouldn't really want them around my food. I'm actually surprised people have suggested eating elsewhere or checking when before you go there - I would never in a million years think to check at a cafe whether they allow dogs, it just wouldn't occur to me. Yes I agree it's good to try and help kids overcome a dog phobia but equally I wouldn't be happy if halfway through my sarnie a dog came sniffing around. Maybe I'm just mean lol. So no YANBU but equally it's not really a big deal in my opinion either.

KoalasAteMyHomework Sat 28-Jan-17 23:06:15

Sigh. IN eateries not on!!

bunnylove99 Sat 28-Jan-17 23:06:23

OP. I don't think you are being unreasonable. If you go out to a cafe and buy lunch you shouldn't really have to endure an animal sniffing/drooling etc over it. And Add to basket - it's her DH that doesn't like dogs. No DC mentioned!

PantyLiner Sat 28-Jan-17 23:07:00

Agree with above posters. if you don't like dogs choose a dog free venue next time

nuttyknitter Sat 28-Jan-17 23:07:19

Sadly not true that fear of dogs is learned from parents. My DGD, aged 3, is very anxious about dogs despite being brought up around my son's dog (her Uncle). Unfortunately she has had several experiences of badly trained dogs jumping up at her, even knocking her over, in the park. The owners invariably laugh it off and reassure us that the dogs are 'only playing' - drives me to distraction!

justdontevenfuckingstart Sat 28-Jan-17 23:07:49

My colleague said he would leave a pub if I brought my dog in (very good food dog friendly area) Bit extreme maybe but I can understand it.

AllDayIThinkAboutFood Sat 28-Jan-17 23:07:52

I love going to dog friendly cafes and restuarants! There are 3 local to me and they all have a little sheet of rules on every table and in the window and any misbehaving dogs and/or owners are asked to leave ( never seen it happen though as everyone is very sensible). I also love that more cafes-for-dogs are popping up. My dogs love to go out for a bit of dog beer and cake.

AllDayIThinkAboutFood Sat 28-Jan-17 23:09:57

I do live in a touristy town on a walking trail with a lovely beach so it makes sense for shops and cafes to be dog friendly, they'd miss out on a fair bit of business otherwise.

RiversrunWoodville Sat 28-Jan-17 23:13:48

I love dogs ,I have 4 and I love other people's dogs if friendly and well behaved (I am one of those people who tends to know the dogs names in our town with no clue of their owners names blush) however I wouldn't be particularly pleased if someone's dog (however lovely) sniffed my food. I wouldn't dream of taking mine into any food establishments because they aren't well enough trained for that, we are a farm and so they are used to running free only one is lead trained and only two are well food trained but I wouldn't trust them in public eateries

Dothehokeykokey Sat 28-Jan-17 23:18:21

"And try not to give your DC fear of dogs, it's definitely a learnt-from-parents thing."

Sorry, but that is total bullshit.

My daughter loves dogs, we don't have one but family members do.

She was bought up in exactly the same way and environment that her elder brother was other than the fact that an irresponsible dog owning tosspot let their dog knock him to the ground when out on a walk before his sister was born.

Pineappletastic Sat 28-Jan-17 23:22:36

Tried sniffing my food

So, didn't actually sniff your food then? The horror. They didn't make an extraordinary effort to stop it trying again? Did you want them to chop off its nose?

YABU IMO (though I know mn has it in for dogs mostly), go somewhere that isn't dog friendly if you don't like dogs, or complain at the time if the animal is actually badly behaved.

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