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Furtive phone stalker???!!!

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missced Sat 28-Jan-17 19:33:18

So, the thing is, DH and I have phones which you can find via their GPS on the web in case they are lost. We know each other's passwords, but rarely have to use them for email or similar, only in an emergency. The thing is I have developed a strange habit of going to the Microsoft "find my phone" website to track where his phone is when he is on long journeys, which he does a few of. Just to be clear, we are both middling old gits, albeit with a young DS, and there is no worry of an affair or similar (no energy or stamina on either side!) - I guess I am just a bit anxious and it helps to know where he is, particularly when on a long drive back from abroad . It's also quite fun watching the little dot progress up the motorway on the map.....
He's not particularly a gadget man, I don't want to ring if he is in the car and driving (he would never answer but it is distracting), and this way is so easy. Am I being a bit whacko? (cowers under kitchen table awaiting the response) Would I mind him tracking me? Probably not, but then I doubt he'd ever get around to it...wink. You have plenty of time to answer, he is not due back for 45 minutes wink.

Stripeyblanket Sat 28-Jan-17 19:43:31

We use the same tech on our phones. I'm not bothered if my DH wants to see where I am and vice versa. I like to check on my DH when he does long journeys as it gives me peace of mind hes got there safely.
I also have my mum and vice versa. She uses it to ensure I've got home ok as the journey is a good 45 mins from hers.
Other than that it also helps them know if I'm at work, I work shifts including nights so she can ring me if she wants.
My mum has rung me countless times asking me to 'stalk' her as she can't find her phone and is not sure if she's left it at work!

I'm sure there will be some people that don't like this. Provided it's not used to control your DH and he's happy you having that access then I wouldn't worry. Each to their own. If you didn't want to show your location you can simply turn it off, plus it doesn't work when you have no signal.

TaliDiNozzo Sat 28-Jan-17 20:05:00

I think whether it's acceptable depends on whether the other person knows you do it and also somewhat the reason you do it. Sounds fine in the circumstances.

I know someone who does this to her DH without him knowing. He's never done anything seriously dodgy that's she mentioned, just finishing work earlier than he claims etc. She's very much in the wrong imo.

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