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Someone has invented anti-assault pants

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Soubriquet Sat 28-Jan-17 12:59:36


This should never have had to happen!

And now, if these get popular, how long will it be before it's

"If you didn't want to have sex, you should have worn those pants"

I hope it saves some women but I can't see them being a good thing

HecateAntaia Sat 28-Jan-17 13:09:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Olympiathequeen Sat 28-Jan-17 13:10:14

Oh my gosh. I am speechless!

peaceloveandbiscuits Sat 28-Jan-17 13:15:35


Bailey101 Sat 28-Jan-17 13:17:17

I saw a video about them on facebook. It's shocking that it's come to these sorts of inventions, but there are places in the world where women are huge risk just walking down the street.

If rape is a constant fear in a persons day to day life, then things like this could give a little bit of extra security.

angeldelightedme Sat 28-Jan-17 13:19:53

Pointless.An attacker will just punch someone til they unlock themj

angeldelightedme Sat 28-Jan-17 13:21:06

..and what of them being usedas a chastity bely by controlling partners or parents?

ClopySow Sat 28-Jan-17 13:21:37

I reckon attackers could just get more violent

HecateAntaia Sat 28-Jan-17 13:26:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Birdsgottafly Sat 28-Jan-17 13:27:15

I've just been reading about the repercussions of Trumps removal of funding for abortions etc, in Africa.

This has far reaching consequences.

Women and Girls are raped hourly, in Africa. I hope a charity latches on to them.

DixieNormas Sat 28-Jan-17 13:29:50

I agree with pp, my first thought was how violent a potential rapist could become

Bailey101 Sat 28-Jan-17 13:36:03

If the woman was somewhere private, like a house, I can see how the pants would enrage a rapist and cause more violence, but if a woman was dragged off the street in an opportunistic attack then it might buy her an extra few seconds to attract attention or the rapist might give up if there's more chance of getting caught.

It's the same principle as a rape whistle, it's not going to prevent all rapes or violence but an extra seconds in certain circumstances can make all the difference.

DeviTheGaelet Sat 28-Jan-17 13:38:59

there are places in the world where women are huge risk just walking down the street.
Yes, and those are places where most women won't have the disposable income to buy chastity pants, even if they were available. So they aren't really helping with that problem

SparkleShinyGlitter Sat 28-Jan-17 13:39:55

What the actual fuck?

I think tbh is someone want to rape/sexually assault someone those pants aren't going to stop anything, just make it a bit more violent maybe?

Surely they can be cut off with a knife of similar for example

We should be focusing on teaching consent and how to keep yourself safe up to a point to young boys & girls not inventing this shit

HoneyDragon Sat 28-Jan-17 13:40:25

Shouldn't anti assault pants be for the potential assaulters?

OneWithTheForce Sat 28-Jan-17 13:42:43

I'm assuming they are to prevent rape but none of those women looked like they had penises so can't see how they will prevent rape.

Bailey101 Sat 28-Jan-17 13:43:13

Honeydragon They should be, but how many rapists do you think are going to wear them? They're not going to wake up in the morning and think to themselves 'I feel like raping someone today, I'd better put my anti-rape knickers on'.

MummyToThree479 Sat 28-Jan-17 13:45:26

Another way to get money out of scared women then?

I don't think it would prevent many rapes tbh rapists are not wired right and someone saying well I've got anti rape pants on what do you think a rapist is going to say? Oh ok I'll go and find a different person? Um no it is very likely to turn violent, use of a knife to cut them open, a women being seriously beaten until they open

We do not need these pants! We need parents/schools to teach young children about consent and keeping yourself as safe as you can

venusinscorpio Sat 28-Jan-17 13:49:47

There was an article about this in the Guardian a few years ago.

Bailey, do you seriously think that a violent attacker will grab a woman, try for a few seconds and then think, "drat, foiled"?

HoneyDragon Sat 28-Jan-17 13:50:12

Exactly. And if they are going to tape someone than anti assault knockers won't stop the attack.

Like pp state it's just another way to make profit through victim blaming sad

OneWithTheForce Sat 28-Jan-17 13:53:52

Also I am not sure but that mechanising looks like it just needed turning. So if a rapist knocked a woman out from behind or had drugged her then he can just twist it himself.

They really are a ridiculous idea that plays up to the whole rape = "stranger in an alley".

QueenOfTheSardines Sat 28-Jan-17 13:56:20

birds the dutch have started a fund with many countries saying they will contribute, it's a great response to something that should never have happened in the first place. Playing with women's lives - literally - for ideology - disgusting.

guardian article

barinatxe Sat 28-Jan-17 13:58:22

If a woman wants to wear them, if she feels she is slightly safer, what's wrong with her choosing to do that? I don't see that they will actually make a woman safer, but if she feels safer surely that is a good thing?

QueenOfTheSardines Sat 28-Jan-17 14:04:48

When you go to the museum and see the chastity belts everyone says My God that's awful. When you look at countries where women's clothing is a certain way by law to stop them inflaming men everyone says Wow that's awful, so oppressive.

meanwhile in the west women are being persuaded to buy and wear chastity belts for themselves.

As others point out - host of problems with this. It won't work, being exhibit A.

I would also worry how quick they are to undo, I need a wee quite urgently sometimes.

echt Sat 28-Jan-17 14:05:40

This made me think of Emily Prager's "The Lincoln-Pruitt Anti-rape Device", wonderful short story that gives the old vagina dentata some teeth.

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