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To ask for some positive messages or tips

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Frarling Sat 28-Jan-17 10:43:13

I feel anxious about the world's state of affairs. The anxiety started with Brexit and now is getting worse after Trump's first week as president. Can anyone share some tips on how to cope with this, or some words of reassurance? Thank you

GeillisTheWitch Sat 28-Jan-17 10:47:37

There's always been turmoil in the world. I remember things going mad after 9/11, it was going to be WW3, total apocalypse etc. The world's still turning and we're mostly all just getting on with it. This too shall pass.

scaevola Sat 28-Jan-17 10:52:11

I think going to your GP to see what can be done medically is always a useful first step when you start to realise you are excessively anxious.

PeppaIsMyHero Sat 28-Jan-17 10:53:24

There is a lot less certainty now than a year ago. I feel this most strongly about democracy which is being challenged from several sides, beautifully encapsulated by Trump's stream of Executive Orders this week - one man dictating new laws for 320 million people without even a pretence of going through accepted democratic channels.

PeppaIsMyHero Sat 28-Jan-17 10:55:04

Sorry - just realised that post was not actually responding to your question! If you feel that your life is being impacted by the anxiety then yes go to the GP. Also, take some exercise, watch what you eat or drink, spend time connecting with other people.

Frarling Sat 28-Jan-17 11:09:39

Thank you

hefzi Sat 28-Jan-17 11:58:08

Also step away from the news, switch off the screens: 24 hour rolling news is a new phenomenon, and it seems to heighten everything and make it easier to get things out of proportion, because your face is constantly being shoved in it.

I could tell you that Obama signed thousands of executive orders, and people barely even noticed, that Hillary Clinton built a wall on the border with Mexico, that the world is now safer than it's ever been. All of those things are true; however, it won't help as your perception, from constant exposure, is different. So try to get out into the fresh air for a brisk walk everyday, if you're able (or just into the fresh air if not-15 minutes is enough), switch off or limit your exposure to news for the moment (so, say, the 6 o'clock news plus one newspaper once per day) and maybe have a look into mindfulness - the Heafspace app is meant to be good, though I've not tried it. Good luck!

BaggypantsCrimplesnitch Sat 28-Jan-17 16:49:37

Hi, Frarling.

I understand how you're feeling. My DH works in HR, and talked me through something called the Ladder of Inference - I don't pretend to understand it entirely, but the gist of it is that you start reading news/posts/headlines that reinforce your beliefs, which make your beliefs stronger, and you then begin to select for news that backs you up...It's sooo easy to get sucked into the cycle, and then it seems as though the entire world is agreeing with you and the whole world is, to coin a phrase, fucked.
I was doing it on Facebook, following all the links that backed me up, and scaring myself witless. Hefzi is right - limit your exposure to the news. The availability of information on the Internet can be a very double edged sword!
Here's a handy dandy diagram that illustrates the concept (although not brilliantly, but hey, you never know...)
And yes, get outside. Feel the sunshine (or the biting wind...). Enjoy the spring flowers. And be determined that you won't waste any more time worrying about what that odious Cheeto coloured berk is up to. There are people who are paid to do that! wink

lightroom Sat 28-Jan-17 17:11:06

I used to really struggle with anxiety and can feel its tentacles reaching out for me, so this is what I'm trying, for what it's worth: I'm walking to work, I'm trying to eat well, I'm drastically limiting my exposure to news, meditating, and actively trying to stand up for the opposite of what DT stands for. I'm not having conversations about DT and Brexit if I can possibly help it, but I'm looking for tiny opportunities to be helpful and kind, have set up direct debit for Refugee Action and will be setting up a subscription to become a supporter of the Guardian (because we need real news more than ever). I'm trying to watch telly which reinforces my faith in people (like the brilliant and uplifting film, Pride). In fact, watch Pride. It will remind you that there were times not that long ago in which we as a society were violently intolerant, and things got better.

Don't despair, because friendship, generosity and solidarity are bigger and stronger, more resilient and more powerful than anything DT or Brexit have unleashed. Love wins.


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