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To call police/council on a Friday night?

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MidnightPanda Sat 28-Jan-17 02:30:47

Live in council flats and upstairs have been playing VERY loud music with big bass since 5pm this evening! It's 2.30am now!!
I don't know if they are having a gathering or something?

They do this every single day without fail! although usually not this late. I keep waking up.
They do not to give a fuck they are living above another household.

I've never met them, and I would rather not confront them face to face.
Was thinking to call council/police. My sister is saying I mustnt and should pop a note in the door tommorow angry

AmoIsNoLongerEmo Sat 28-Jan-17 04:36:04

YANBU. I've done it way earlier.

Manumission Sat 28-Jan-17 04:38:42

YANBU. Keeping the neighbours awake at this hour isn't okay just because it's the weekend.

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