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To stop buying new trousers when he keeps wearing holes in them!

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user1480954406 Fri 27-Jan-17 12:27:46

4yo ds has been through so many pairs of trousers because he's constantly crawling about and doing god knows what on the concrete at preschool and I'm so sick of having to buy new trousers every few months. Wibu to go and buy some dinosaur material and just put patches on all the knees, or is this not the done thing these days?

TaraCarter Fri 27-Jan-17 12:29:49

Just patch them with fun fabric he likes.

TaraCarter Fri 27-Jan-17 12:30:18

Left bit off! Dinosaurs sound ideal.

user1477282676 Fri 27-Jan-17 12:30:33

Buy proper leather patches OP. Not fabric hand made ones.

YANBU by the way. My 8 year old DD is the same. I buy her dark/busy prints in order to hide the stains...she stains everything within minutes either with mud, food or maybe paint.

She has holes in all the knees of her leggings and refuses to wear jeans.

It's bloody infuriating!

elQuintoConyo Fri 27-Jan-17 12:33:00

Every single pair of trousers my 5yo wears has patches on both knees. And some have a bum patch (bum got caught on something or pocket ripped playing games).

I buy iron on patches but actually sew them cos ironing doesn't work hmm. H&M had cool Superman ones last year and I bought several packets in the sales. I'm always on the lookout for nice patches cos he has so many.

Pain in the jacksy, but he is so happy climbng about.

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