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AIBU to get another scooter for DS ?

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notgivingin789 Thu 26-Jan-17 16:00:52

Hey all,

So I wanted to buy a two wheeler scooter for 7 year old DS for Christmas. After much thought and sought after advice. I got DS a stunt scooter and my God do I regret it !

It's a strong sturdy scooter which is a plus. But every time I carry the damn thing the board rotates and hits me on my legs several times and DS. It's also a pain on transport too. We haven't been to the skate park yet as its so cold to go outside !

I hoped DS can use the stunt scooter for the school run as I see many kids do this (and thought it would be OK) but my word, myself and DS can't stand to hold the thing due to the leg smacking.

I'm thinking of getting DS another but a simple two-wheeler scooter snd just using the stunt scooter at a skate park ?? I don't know. Would it be a waste of money ? AIBU to get another ?

Ilovecaindingle Thu 26-Jan-17 16:05:11

Maybe take turns of using it so you don't have to carry it? blush
Or be a wimp and just buy another one. ...

ProudBadMum Thu 26-Jan-17 16:07:34

All scooters doe it. My son has a basic B&M scooter and that ankle beats

His electric one heel beats

Scooters do it. Doesn't matter which ones

ProudBadMum Thu 26-Jan-17 16:08:17

Don't carry it, just have him wheel it. I make my son push it if he brings it or it will get left in the street

watchoutformybutt Thu 26-Jan-17 16:08:36

Could you not just turn it upside and carry it by the board?

trinketsofgold Thu 26-Jan-17 16:08:58

Why are you carrying it so much??

Whenever I've had to carry my sons I turn it upside down and hold it on the bracket biy where the front wheel it. So it can't turn....

notgivingin789 Thu 26-Jan-17 16:20:44

The scooter rotates around..even when I'm wheeling it I seem to catch myself on it. I never had this with DS Maxi scooter. As this is DS first two wheeler his getting adjusted to it.

ProudBadMum Thu 26-Jan-17 16:22:17

Just let him wheel it. His scooter, his ankles... no worries for you

notgivingin789 Thu 26-Jan-17 16:23:22

DS has dyspraxia so tends to bump into people quite a lot, with him holding a scooter it's even worse. We live in a very busy city do DS gets in the way. But maybe I should push him more to wheel it -- it would be good practice for him.

ProudBadMum Thu 26-Jan-17 16:26:55

Maybe tape some foam around the edges?

All scooters do it so buying a new one just means having two scooters that do it.

Sunshine1509 Thu 26-Jan-17 16:28:05

I know what you mean, DS has one and they're quite heavy
Micro scooters that fold up are usually quite cheap to buy (around £15) so if you can afford it then do it, can always be used as a spare if a friend/relative is over

Witchend Thu 26-Jan-17 16:29:07

All scooters do that when you carry them.
They were made to scoot, not to carry, so it's hardly surprising that's easier!

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