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single parent mature student

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ellaphant1987 Thu 26-Jan-17 12:23:58

Hi, this is my first post smileI am a 29 year old, single parent to two girls aged 9 and 6 and I have applied to do a primary education degree with foundation year at Canterbury Christ church. I have been sent an email yesterday offering me an interview in march. Just wanted to know if anyone can give a rough idea of what to expect from the interview, I have no formal qualifications, but have spoken to the uni who have said that I coould do the gcse side of things along side the foundation year , My daughter's school has also kindly agreed for me to volunteer a couple of days a week around the degree should I get acceped, anyone in the same boat, or can offer any advice , interview tips ect , finance?? I will be giving up my part time job to do this and have looked into the finance side of it, but if anyone can give first hand advice then that would be great , I currently get help with housing benefit, and working tax credits ect but don't know about much else. thanks in advance xx

ellaphant1987 Fri 27-Jan-17 10:51:04


jopickles Fri 27-Jan-17 11:56:04

I work in a Teacher Training department in a Uni and deal with interviews for such courses so while theirs may be very different from ours I would say just be well prepared if you have to make a presentation etc. Be confident, they will expect nerves but if you are umming and ahhing a lot it doesn't look great. Be aware of issues within education such as funding or class sizes etc and I would say think of some questions to ask as it makes you look interested but if they answer everything for you then don't worry just be honest and say that. Also make sure you use good, standard English - using slang and the like doesn't go down well in my experience. But do remember if it's including a Foundation Year this extra year is geared towards building confidence, gaining academic skills etc so will be a slower pace etc hopefully.

sillypussy Fri 27-Jan-17 14:40:07

Can't help with interview stuff but I finished a degree last year as a single parent and mature student. Had an absolute blast. Apply for all the funding you can. Student finance were really helpful every time I rang. Let college know you're a single parent and they may have bursaries for you. I certainly got extra help. If you have an approved child minder you'll get 85% of the fees refunded. And I didn't pay council tax as a full time student. Don't know if that was just my local council or whether it's nation wide but double check. Good luck and have fun.

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