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Becoming a Paramedic

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GloGirl Thu 26-Jan-17 10:42:03

My sister in law is thinking of applying, does anyone have any advice on getting through the process? Useful strengths to mention on the application form etc?

She has no previous experience in healthcare but has a great ability to keep calm under pressure, is a great at building instant rapport and reassurance. She'd like to feel like she was making a difference if you know what I mean!

If any of you want to talk about the realities of the job please feel free also. Thanks for any help brew

GloGirl Thu 26-Jan-17 18:46:22

Evening bump wine

Hotbot Thu 26-Jan-17 19:24:31

I suggest she get some healthcare experience she quite rightly won't be considered without it

NancyCarolinesTorch Fri 27-Jan-17 01:25:41

Health care experience is by no means necessary so don't worry about that!
They want to hear that you're experienced at dealing with people- all kinds of people! Being calm under pressure and able to think on your feet is a must too.

Reality wise, there's generally a fair amount of politics (can obviously only speak for my service, but from what I've heard it's the same all over) and aside from the obvious blood gore and upsetting things (also many many gross things), a lot of the time it's pretty tedious.
I do love it though.

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