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"Oh, bless him"

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CloverCannot Thu 26-Jan-17 09:30:05

Primary-age DCs currently doing the winter lurgy hokey-cokey. DH and I juggling days off with annual leave and working from home.

DH at home today with vomiting 8yo. I asked him to ring school, but he obviously forgot as I got a call at work.

So far so normal, but when I explained to school secretary that DH had forgotten to ring, her response was "Oh, bless him!"

AIBU to think that mothers generally aren't met with amused pity when they forget to do stuff?

Brankolium Thu 26-Jan-17 10:54:43

Totally out of order and frustrating if she has split standards for mums vs dads, but is that definitely what this is?

It's Really easy to frame this as a gender issue (because it often is) when I think what matters here is would this particular secretary have behaved the same if it was you that had forgotten.

I'd certainly have been irritated if she'd have rolled her eyes and said "men eh?!" but there's nothing wrong if she just happens to be nice! grin

CloverCannot Thu 26-Jan-17 11:03:29

Brankolium - she is nice, but was (understandably) definitely irate when she first spoke to me to find out where DC was.

Also has form of repeatedly ringing my mobile and leaving voicemails, rather than (as we've asked, since I'm often uncontactable during school day) even trying Dad.

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