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to point out the difference between reality tv and competition tv - and to loathe the former and adore the latter?

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faithinthesound Thu 26-Jan-17 03:17:49

Just what it says. I think there is a huge and obvious difference between reality tv, and competition tv. Reality tv is Real Housewifes of the Kardashians on Jersey Shore are Dance Moms or whatever nonsense is en vogue right now. Competition tv is things like Masterchef, Big Brother - shows that contain some sort of competition, where yes, there are real people, but they're competing for a prize and there's a point and an end goal.

I adore Masterchef and Big Brother (US and Canada, not so much UK sorry. The format difference means UK holds very little appeal for me!) and Survivor because I can meet the contestants, get invested, and root for my favorites (and boo my least favorites, who I call the Garys haha).

I just hate this whole "a camera is going to follow a person around while they do mundane things and you're supposed to find it interesting enough not to change the channel" tv. Does that make sense?

I ask because a friend of mine is stubbornly refusing to recognize the difference, when it seems so glaringly obvious to me!

user1477282676 Thu 26-Jan-17 03:57:18

Big Brother is a reality show. It was the first and ultimate reality show.

YABU and wrong. It's all shit though at least MC has some element of skill about it.

TheMysteriousJackelope Thu 26-Jan-17 04:01:08

User is correct, Big Brother was the original reality show.

The only reality show I can stomach is Chrisley Knows Best. Ghosts in the Hood shows promise.

AllTheBabies Thu 26-Jan-17 04:05:22

I think big brother is reality tv. Okay, there is a winner but there is no skill involved at all so really it is irrelevant.

Thefitfatty Thu 26-Jan-17 04:55:11

I agree with you (except about Big Brother) I love Survivor and the Amazing Race, but I loathe Big Brother, the Kardashians, Teen Mom bull crap.

However, there is another level of reality show, what about Flip or Flop and Fixer Upper's, and those types? I love those too.

Jaagojaago Thu 26-Jan-17 05:38:28

It's all reality tv. I teach and research about this sort of thing for my career.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Thu 26-Jan-17 05:48:16

Big Brother is reality tv as PPs have said. It's a camera following mundane people doing mundane things.

I hate all of them. Master chef, I'm a celebrity, Strictly, X Factor. I used to watch Dancing on Ice but that's because I'm an ice skater and I like the routines. I also love the apprentice.

Magzmarsh Thu 26-Jan-17 07:33:38

It's all the same thing and all manipulated by the producers

Surreyblah Thu 26-Jan-17 07:35:42

Yabu, especially about Big Brother.

Even contestants on things like masterchef, quiz shows and bake off are picked by the producers, not just who is best at whatever the show is about.

CaoNiMa Thu 26-Jan-17 07:51:13

Both genres are as bad as each other. I'm beginning to suspect that both are designed to prepare us for the Hunger Games-style apocalypse that is around the corner.

faithinthesound Thu 26-Jan-17 08:15:13

Well, that's me told!

I've spent enough time around here (a whole few weeks) to know that people who ask if they're being unreasonable and then refuse to hear that they are, are generally not well received. So I won't be one of those people!

Surreyblah Thu 26-Jan-17 09:06:43

Very gracious OP, and you are of course free to enjoy whatever TV you find entertaining!

Surreyblah Thu 26-Jan-17 09:07:21

DH likes doom laden documentaries about apocolyptic geography: now THAT is unreasonable!

specialsubject Thu 26-Jan-17 09:45:46

Big brother is post pub TV, no one actually does anything.

I like 'the jump' because it is a real competition and no one blubs or babbles about a journey. Also no caterwauling.

Surprisingly there is going to be another series!

jasonapple Thu 26-Jan-17 09:50:03

The first series of Big Brother was fantastic as the contestants weren't all massive attention seekers - they genuinely wondered whether anybody would actually be watching.
Most reality TV is awful now. I like Hunted though.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Thu 26-Jan-17 09:54:05

Hate them all. YABU to get annoyed about what they're called when they're all shit!

Somerville Thu 26-Jan-17 09:57:10

Thefitfatty I don't watch much TV in general and loathe reality stuff but I'm with you on the Amazing Race being excellent! I binge watch one of the old series whenever I'm ill! Favourite so far is when the hockey brothers won.

Thefitfatty Thu 26-Jan-17 10:00:03

Somerville the Amazing Race is one of the only ones I'd ever want to be on (except maybe Fixer Upper's, I'd love Chip and Joanna to design my house!). I find it's not quite as bad as others for exploiting the contestants and it looks like a lot of fun.

Somerville Thu 26-Jan-17 10:03:53

I don't think they're bad at all about exploiting contestants. I first heard of it when a friend of a friend was on it - they are still a big fan of the show. Whereas a friend of a different friend was on the Apprentice (UK) and had nothing good to say and won't watch it.

80sMum Thu 26-Jan-17 10:07:37

"The first series of Big Brother was fantastic as the contestants weren't all massive attention seekers - they genuinely wondered whether anybody would actually be watching."

I agree, Jason! I was glued to the first Big Brother series. But once the 'cat was out of the bag', all subsequent contestants were just wannabe fame seekers. I watched the first 2 episodes of BB2 and that was enough! The programme is utter rubbish and life is way too short to waste on watching such tripe!

Thefitfatty Thu 26-Jan-17 10:09:32

I don't think they're bad at all about exploiting contestants.

Sometimes I think they like to focus on the teams that squabble a lot more than others. But that's about it.
I've a friend who was on Amazing Race Canada and loved it.

Somerville Thu 26-Jan-17 10:11:17

Yes, and editing couples who are romantically involved to make them look like they're arguing constantly. I don't think I'd go on it with my spouse! But with a friend, or my sister I would.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Thu 26-Jan-17 10:13:22

I only watch master chef Australia tbh and missed it last year. I don't watch either in general though, I much prefer a documentary.

Thefitfatty Thu 26-Jan-17 10:14:48

But with a friend, or my sister I would.

I'd do it with my brother. We would totally win. But we would argue and insult each other non-stop. They'd love us.

faithinthesound Thu 26-Jan-17 11:01:47

One thing I will say that I really, really hate, is when a contestant goes on a show like these (Big Brother, Masterchef etc) and all they can talk about is their children. "I'm doing this for my children, my baby is watching and is so proud, everything I do I do for my babies!"

I UNDERSTAND that people love their kids, and I UNDERSTAND that in the "getting to know you" interviews, the first couple of episodes where people are trying to learn what each contestant is about, there's a place for "I have a child/children that I love very much". Anything more than that just screams to me "I don't think I should have to compete for real, I think I should guilt you all into laying down and letting me walk to the finish because hello, remember my children? The children I haven't mentioned in at least five minutes?"

There's one or two in every season, who have nothing to say for themselves unless it's about their kids (or other sob story), and seem to rely more on tugging at the heartstrings than on actually competing in the competition they're on TV to compete in!! I tune in to watch the people compete in the actual competition, not in running their mouths with sob stories! Shut your mouth and run the race! When I want to hear people talk about their kids, I come on Mumsnet! :D Like I'm here right now!

(I'm really not a terrible person. I just think there's a time and a place for talking about your kids, and right when you're about to compete in a mad dash to fill a bottle with colored liquid using only an eyedropper is not it. Eyes on the prize and all that.)

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