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Gluten and casein free products

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helenfagain Wed 25-Jan-17 10:08:26

Most of the gluten and dairy free products I've tried are pretty grim. Aibu? Does anyone have any recommendations of some decent ones (also need to be soya free)? Have I just been unlucky in my choices?

user1471537877 Wed 25-Jan-17 10:54:23

Hi Helen

You don't say what products you're looking for or what you found grim

There are lots of excellent ranges out there, all the main supermarkets do them and we find them great

Try coeliac uk, the yearly handbook has lists of all products from most manufacturers that are safe to eat

Twitter, Pinterest etc all have loads of active coeliacs spreading the word about great food products

There are even a couple of magazines out that are packed with yummy recipes

Here on mumsnet you'll possibly find more support in the health section under Allergies where lots of us share

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