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to not want our daughter to have the surname 'Perfect'?

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Brooks10 Tue 24-Jan-17 23:00:53

Our daughter is due any day. We have decided on her first name, but are struggling with the surname. We are not married. He wants his surname (which I actually don't mind, as in don't mind her having just his surname) but his surname is Perfect. It's not unreasonable to think that's not a great surname is it?? He thinks it's a great surname to have, so which is it?? A bad or good surname to have? I think it's really bad tbh. Mind you, it doesn't sound that great hyphenated either, does it?

DesignedForLife Tue 24-Jan-17 23:07:31

It's not the worst I've heard to be honest.

Notnownornever Tue 24-Jan-17 23:08:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FuckOffDailyMailQuitQuotingMN Tue 24-Jan-17 23:09:32

It is unusual but if he's manages his whole life with it then I guess she can!

It might not be too bad hyphenated, depends on what it's paired with.

EllaHen Tue 24-Jan-17 23:10:17

Flip a coin. Ultimately, your say as he can't register her without you.

I would like to see Mum's surname given as default though.

NotThrowAwayMyShot Tue 24-Jan-17 23:10:52

An old college friend of my husband has that surname. We thought nothing of it. Your dp isn't related is he? Any famous people in the family?

TheresABluebirdOnMyShoulder Tue 24-Jan-17 23:11:58

I'd give her your surname. I'm led to believe that it's simple enough to change to his in the future, but not so simple to change back should you decide to do so. I was born before my parents were married and had my mum's surname. I always liked being the same as her.

Latetotheparty26 Tue 24-Jan-17 23:14:35

There's worse! My sister married a Looney! As in that's his surname. She kept her maiden name and all their children have her maiden name.
Perfect is similar to Best or Darling...unusual but not unheard of.

DonaldStott Tue 24-Jan-17 23:14:41

Unless your surname is 'Almost' or 'Practically', you should be okay with the hyphen.

Seriously though, it does seem a lot would be expected of you though, with that surname, so I know what you mean.

Brooks10 Tue 24-Jan-17 23:16:42

Interesting Not, I'll PM you tomorrow (I'm on the app).

With my surname, it sounds like "May Feel Perfect" confused

FuckOffDailyMailQuitQuotingMN Tue 24-Jan-17 23:18:29

Oh dear

May Feel Perfect isn't good


harderandharder2breathe Tue 24-Jan-17 23:20:44

I've seen worse names but can understand why you want your name instead

TheMysteriousJackelope Tue 24-Jan-17 23:25:44

You could reverse the names 'Perfect May Feel'.

I knew a couple of girls with the surname Perfect at school. I never heard anyone teasing them for it, it never occurred to me that it was odd or terrible either. If your child was a boy you would probably want to avoid the first name Peter though.

icelolly99 Tue 24-Jan-17 23:27:34

your husband and his family have 'coped' with their surname then why would you not pass it on to your daughter? It must be nice to say you've found your Mr Perfect grin

IhatchedaSnorlax Tue 24-Jan-17 23:29:26

I love it as a surname - I'd love to have it. That said, give her your surname if you want to or flip a coin, don't be railroaded into anything you don't want.

WorraLiberty Tue 24-Jan-17 23:29:31

Could be worse.

When I was a teenager I worked with a woman who was marrying a Mr Thick.

And she took his surname!

WicksEnd Tue 24-Jan-17 23:30:03

Call her Princess Polly.
Or Penelope 😁

pringlecat Tue 24-Jan-17 23:33:25

It's the sort of surname that will make or break a person. You either turn it into a positive (it's memorable, you could go OTT with the alliteration e.g. Penny Perfect and be a happy Disney character) or you end up with a child who's bullied into misery (who does Little Miss Perfect think she is?).

I personally wouldn't risk it. I'd give the child my name and I wouldn't double barrel.

PaintingOwls Tue 24-Jan-17 23:33:27

Give her your name as you are not married. If you do get married in the future and decide to take one name together you can do so easily with deed poll.

RubyRedRobin Tue 24-Jan-17 23:34:24

Pippa Perfect, yes, you must call her that!

Keep Perfect, I rather like it.

Mrspotatohead18 Tue 24-Jan-17 23:35:38

I know a crump lol. I also know a Devine and Valentine.. How I always envied them!!!

AutumnalLeaves38 Tue 24-Jan-17 23:36:57

"When-I-Try-My-Hardest-lt-Is-Entirely-Acceptable-To-Be-Less-Than" as her first name?


MidniteScribbler Tue 24-Jan-17 23:37:03

I don't think it's bad. I've heard a LOT worse.

I'd avoid a first name starting with P though.

gleam Tue 24-Jan-17 23:37:46

What Painting said.

HeddaGarbled Tue 24-Jan-17 23:38:23

Please give her your name. I know so many women who regret giving their children their father's name rather than their own. Some split up, some still together. Think of all the future problems with travelling abroad when you don't have the same name as your children plus having to perpetually correct schools and doctors etc etc. Plus being the only one in the family with a different name.

If you split, you won't be allowed to change her name without his permission. If you marry and change your own name, you can change her name easily.

Please re-think this - it is so important and not to be thrown away so lightly.

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