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To ask if you have ever met up with friends you have made on Mumsnet?

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heavensalive Tue 24-Jan-17 17:50:40

Just curious really....I am on another thread (under a different name) and enjoying the connections I am making there, I can quite imagine meeting up with these people in real life. Has anyone done this? And how did it go?

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Tue 24-Jan-17 17:54:42

There are meet ups arranged locally and usually 2 or 3 in London every year that people come from far and wide to attend.

They're really good fun.

There's a Meet Ups topic or look in your local section.

I have met a number of MNers - mainly through a shared interest in knitting and crochet. There are a few of us who meet up a few times each year in Glasgow, to drink coffee, eat cake, knit and blether. I've also been to a MN yarnie meet up at the V&A.

I've got another group of friends I met via MN, and we met up last year, for a day out.

I have only had positive experiences meeting MNers. They are all great! Not sure why they like me though blush

SimplyNigella Tue 24-Jan-17 17:58:17

Not on Mumsnet, but back in the Handbag forum days I met quite a few people who I am still friends with now.

Florin Tue 24-Jan-17 18:01:40

I have met quite a few and many have become really good close proper friends.

TheDailyWail Tue 24-Jan-17 18:03:22

I have.

NancyDonahue Tue 24-Jan-17 18:06:28

I met a few people from Hunnybeez who had babies at the same time as me.

Buttwing Tue 24-Jan-17 18:06:33

Yes with the people who were local to me on an antenatal thread. It was just after the babies were born it was nice.

throwingpebbles Tue 24-Jan-17 18:08:28

Yes! And more meet ups planned smile

AnyFucker Tue 24-Jan-17 18:10:14

I have met people from Mumsnet.

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Tue 24-Jan-17 18:55:27

Yes I was on a long running diet thread and I befriended a lovely lady who lives in the same county as me and we met a few times and are still in touch.

I also responded to a thread in education about local schools and met a mum whose daughter is now in my class.

We have never told anyone in rl how we met.

pegomassive1 Tue 24-Jan-17 18:57:08

Yes from an anenatal thread quite a few times!

SaorAlbaGuBrath Tue 24-Jan-17 18:57:21

DP got a new job through a friend I met on here! Its a funny old world.

GiddyGiddyGoat Tue 24-Jan-17 19:00:17

Oh yes. A group of MNers that I chat to on here almost daily meet up regularly for drinking / eating / whatever. It's fab!

MargeryFenworthy Tue 24-Jan-17 19:00:19

Yes, from a long running thread I have posted on for quite some time now. Happy to say that some of these girls are among my closest friends.

liz70 Tue 24-Jan-17 19:03:35

No, I've only ever met up with people on music fan boards.

Catherinebee85 Tue 24-Jan-17 19:04:38

I haven't but I would, definitley. I'm Leeds/Bradford and everyone seems to be daaarn sarf!

MargaretCabbage Tue 24-Jan-17 19:07:07

Yes, I have met up with people from the antenatal threads I joined in both pregnancies. They've all been just as brilliant in real life as they were on MN and I'm just sad they're not more local so we could do it more often.

PenguindreamsofDraco Tue 24-Jan-17 19:08:48

Yep. I was on a long running series of threads a few years ago. A bunch of us have stayed in touch. Lovely groups of women and genuinely good friends.

JennyOnAPlate Tue 24-Jan-17 19:14:47

No in haven't. The meet ups I've seen have all been in London, which would make it one incredibly expensive night out for me!

SwearyGodmother Tue 24-Jan-17 19:16:56

I've not met anyone from MN yet but met my DH on another forum and we're godparents to the DC of people from that forum too.

Destinysdaughter Tue 24-Jan-17 19:18:52

I've met some of the brilliant women from the feminist board and I also went to a Prince tribute concert with some pp I met on the tribute threads following his death. All really great pp! smile

Valentine2 Tue 24-Jan-17 19:24:58

Oh this is interesting.
Can I meet you some day? you talk exactly like my late mum used to

MyCatIsTryingToKillMe Tue 24-Jan-17 19:26:12

Yes with a small group of lovely people, now all on FB together too. Live all over the place. It was a bit nerve wracking at the first meeting but they were all normal so that was a relief! 😄

Patienceisvirtuous Tue 24-Jan-17 19:29:04

Yes, I have met a lovely group of women from a particular topic - we're from all over the UK. We moved to a closed FB support group then started arranging meet ups smile

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