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Be a hypocrite over DS 2nd birthday party?

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KoalasAteMyHomework Tue 24-Jan-17 10:22:59

So I confess I was always a bit judgemental about parents throwing big parties for 1 or 2 year olds. I never saw the point as they won't remember it or get much out of it.

However, it'll be DS's 2nd birthday soon. Last year we had people round for his first birthday and the house was too small, I was stressed and it was manic. We have lots of friends and family who'd like to see him and I feel like getting a lot of friends together would be a nice get together too. So AIBU to now hire a hall and maybe some soft play? Or is that silly for a 2yo?

Also, some of our friends have primary school aged children and I didn't necessarily want to plan party games so any idea what I could have for the slightly older kids as soft play stuff is for under 5s. Did think about a bouncy castle but then that means hiring a bigger and more expensive hall and spending a lot more money!!

livingthegoodlife Tue 24-Jan-17 10:40:09

Up to you! I also haven't done big parties for little ones. Proper parties start at age 5 in this house!

We just have family tea parties up until 4 and then a few nursery friends around for tea at 4. Then parties.

chickalickaloo Tue 24-Jan-17 10:43:04

I've had the same dilemma. My ds is 2 in a few weeks and I've decided not to have a party... for all the reasons you said. We done a soft play party for his 1st bday. More for photo memories for him when he is older. His sister had a 1st bday party but not a second. The 4 of us are going to go for dinner as a family. I'll get him a cake and I'll invite grandparents to join us for tea and cake! He's only 2 for flip sake! X

MrsPringles Tue 24-Jan-17 10:51:33

We had the silly big party for DS's 1st birthday. It was lovely but unnecessary and definitely for us me blush

His 2nd birthday, we had just moved so had a day out to the zoo and then a small family party at the house. A few party games, food and dancing. It was far less stressful than the year before!

3rd birthday this august and he's already very aware of birthdays and parties so imagine we'll probably do something similar again

KoalasAteMyHomework Tue 24-Jan-17 10:54:05

I think when he's older we'll do a small party for his friends with pass the parcel etc. It's lovely he's so loved just hard to do something when we have big families where everyone wants to see him.

minipie Tue 24-Jan-17 11:00:29

We do a day at the local zoo or farm with family for 2nd birthdays.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure your plan will work too well... the older/primary age kids will take over the soft play (even if you provide alternatives for them) and the little ones may get squished. Sorry! You could suggest that the party isn't really suitable for older kids though.

Could you do the zoo/farm thing and just invite more people to come along?

KoalasAteMyHomework Tue 24-Jan-17 11:04:16

Didn't think of that minipie so thanks! Don't want to spend the entire party trying to ask 7 year olds not to play on the ride ons etc. We went to a park for his 1st birthday but it was too cold for everyone apparently... Maybe I'll have a rethink or just go to a soft play centre and tell everyone we'll be there if they want to come along. I have a real hatred of soft play lol but it's hard to entertain 2 year olds! Maybe I'll do something little for his baby friends and separate dinner or something for adults and family. He's 2, this really shouldn't be a stress!

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