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To ask people with sensitive skin what washing detergent works best for you?

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HughLauriesStubble Mon 23-Jan-17 17:53:49

Having trouble with ds and washing powder, which is ironic since it is dd who is normally eczema prone. I've tried persil non bio, fairy non bio, a few supermarket own brand non bios, all of them make him break out. I always do an extra rinse on my washes but it doesn't help. I have spent the last 6 months using ecover, which was fine except for the fact that it doesn't actually get any stains out and is ridiculously expensive. Argh!

What works for everyone else?

PinkSwimGoggles Mon 23-Jan-17 17:55:28

ecover bio powder.
+ using the long washing programmes, bedding hot wash and always extra rinse.

lorelairoryemily Mon 23-Jan-17 17:56:28

My Dh is super sensitive, surf is the only washing powder that doesn't irritate him

LeopardPrintSocks1 Mon 23-Jan-17 17:56:47


JFT96 Mon 23-Jan-17 18:01:32

You said you're using powder, you may have meant liquid as well, I dunno, but liquid is all I can use as it seems to be less irritating than powder. I can only use Ariel or Tesco's own

HughLauriesStubble Mon 23-Jan-17 18:01:42

pinkswim did you find that ecover got stains out ok for you? I was using it similar to you- long washes at 60 degrees with extra rinses but found it rubbish.

I haven't tried surf, might be worth a try smile

Stilitzvert Mon 23-Jan-17 18:03:07

Surf and it smells divine

BlackeyedSusan Mon 23-Jan-17 18:03:44

ex uses co-op non bio.

HughLauriesStubble Mon 23-Jan-17 18:05:22

jft it was the liquid ecover we were using but we can't use any other liquid brand as they all seem to have a chemical called benzothiazoline in them, which I am allergic to confused

KayTee87 Mon 23-Jan-17 18:05:26

Mamia non bio (Aldi)

smilingthroughgrittedteeth Mon 23-Jan-17 18:09:14

I have eczema and ds has sensitive skin, I use persil colour (the purple one) liquid only as liquitabs and powder seem to be to harsh.

LynetteScavo Mon 23-Jan-17 18:12:58


mrwalkensir Mon 23-Jan-17 18:13:29

ecoballs - ditch the soap and use them - big initial outlay but last for ages

mrwalkensir Mon 23-Jan-17 18:13:31

ecoballs - ditch the soap and use them - big initial outlay but last for ages

MuteButtonisOn Mon 23-Jan-17 18:14:09

Ecover Zero.

PinkSwimGoggles Mon 23-Jan-17 18:35:12

I find the bio powder washes miles better. this also means tht I can use less.
it's a bit tricky to find, but online no problem.

LapinR0se Mon 23-Jan-17 18:39:38

Use persil non-bio liquid, do an extra rinse cycle to make sure all the detergent is gone, use comfort pure fabric conditioner in that rinse and tumble dry for softness

Summerdays2014 Mon 23-Jan-17 18:42:06

E cover zero. I've only found it on Amazon so far as they just seem to do the normal e cover in shops. My one year olds skin has been noticeably better since we started using it.

happypoobum Mon 23-Jan-17 18:42:25

Fairy but it has to be the tablet form

Are you also using fabric conditioner? That is quite likely to be causing the problem..............

oblada Mon 23-Jan-17 18:44:48

Soap nuts. Started 2yrs ago never looked back. V cheap. Very good. And I'm saying this as someone who used to use washable nappies (no longer as younger DD, now 2, is out of nappies).... smile

Caper86 Mon 23-Jan-17 18:47:21

My ds has eczema and so I use an eco ball - last for ages and no nasties. I don't think any supermarket brands are considered good for eczema skin

HattiesBackpack Mon 23-Jan-17 18:49:51

If you've not tried sainsbo's own non bio that could be worth a go- it suits me and DS and we are both eczema prone

JFT96 Mon 23-Jan-17 18:51:54

That's a pain then, makes it much more difficult to find a useable one but hope you will before long

DandelionAndBedrock Mon 23-Jan-17 18:53:43

I use the Method liquid detergent - doesn't appear to have your chemical in it ingredients link here.

You can get refill packs to make it cheaper.

2rebecca Mon 23-Jan-17 18:56:08

Liquid ecover or Persia nonbio. I use the spray oxy stain stuff if necessary. Extra rinse and no softener

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