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Parcel at door, requested £140. Aibu to think dodgy?

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DollyKoo Mon 23-Jan-17 14:11:56

Just opened the door to a man in a UPS uniform (couldn't see van). Mate behind not in uniform but poss id.

He was holding a parcel, said was cosmetics from Latvia had a different name but my address. Said it needed £140 to be delivered.

Do they really ask for money at the door? It seemed so weird, he pushed a bit but then smiled and said they'd send back when I insisted twice

abbsisspartacus Mon 23-Jan-17 14:13:15

No they don't ask for money at the door was it something you had even ordered?

LightsLoveLaughter Mon 23-Jan-17 14:13:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower Mon 23-Jan-17 14:13:37

I've never heard of this, sounds really dodgy! Were you expecting a parcel?

ATempUserName Mon 23-Jan-17 14:13:52

definitely dodgy and I would phone police. They aren't with UPS.

DontTouchTheMoustache Mon 23-Jan-17 14:14:26

Sounds exceptionally dodgy!!

DollyKoo Mon 23-Jan-17 14:14:36

No, definitely never order d cosmetics or anything from Latvia.

I've emailed UPS but I'm really impatient

TheMaddHugger Mon 23-Jan-17 14:14:48

give the police a heads up too Please

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 23-Jan-17 14:15:03

The PO do so I expect others do too,I'd check first though.

Rainydayspending Mon 23-Jan-17 14:15:26

Dodgy. Outsanding customs charges (not even sure they'd be necessary from Latvia) involve a card through the door or an email. Other non paid issues .... UPS wouldn't bother would they, it's not as though they have boxes like royal mail to drop things off.

Bluntness100 Mon 23-Jan-17 14:16:46

Yes you need to pay the import duty, I think there is also a way to pay at their office over the phone or on line. I've had it several times when ordering from the states.

Did you order the products? Ie was the parcel for you?

Bluntness100 Mon 23-Jan-17 14:17:29

Ok if not for you it seems dodgy.

sirfredfredgeorge Mon 23-Jan-17 14:18:37

Latvia is in the EU, there is no import duty.

DiggoryDiggoryDelvet Mon 23-Jan-17 14:19:52

Scam. Definite scam. Parcel probably has old newspapers in it.

PickledCauliflower Mon 23-Jan-17 14:20:50

Did you manage to get his vehicle registration?
I would report to the police.

DollyKoo Mon 23-Jan-17 14:22:06

No van, watched them go off on foot until out of sight

MissSingerbrains Mon 23-Jan-17 14:22:39

Sounds like a scam. Latvia is in the EU.

Maudlinmaud Mon 23-Jan-17 14:24:27

Really glad you didn't hand over any cash. I'd report that.

KitKat1985 Mon 23-Jan-17 14:24:42

Definitely dodgy. I'd report to the police as well as UPS in case they try it with vulnerable adults. sad

SapphireStrange Mon 23-Jan-17 14:25:07

Weird. Sounds like a scam for sure.

DollyKoo Mon 23-Jan-17 14:25:10

I was very thrown, what makes me worried is recent card scam, plus we're Eastern European... seemed a tad planned? We do have often a car outside with Latvian plates.

PickledCauliflower Mon 23-Jan-17 14:25:43

No vehicle - sounds even more dodgy.
I would report it to the police.

Herhighness Mon 23-Jan-17 14:26:49

I would inform the police because they are bound to try it on again.
Deff a scam, what will they think of next.?
Also who has that much in cash in their purse these days ?.
Two men to deliver one parcel ?

GivenupSocialmediaNOTMN Mon 23-Jan-17 14:27:41

Call the police.

LeBoob Mon 23-Jan-17 14:27:42

How would a genuine delivery driver know what was inside the box?

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