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to balk at £899 for a child's bed!!!?

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YesAnastasia Mon 23-Jan-17 01:21:15

I reeeeeeeally want it for my DS2. It's got everything he & we want but it's £899 and I'm struggling to part with my money.

AIBU and is that absolutely fine? Or ridiculous? I'm sure my own solid oak king size was only £200 & it's pretty gorgeous.

Grindelwaldswand Mon 23-Jan-17 01:22:32

Link ? Does it tuck them in at night for you and get them dressed grin £899 is an absurd price even if it's solid wood I wouldn't pay over £600

YesAnastasia Mon 23-Jan-17 01:27:21

This beauty

YesAnastasia Mon 23-Jan-17 01:28:28

And no, you don't get the extra bed or the wardrobe...

DeadMorose Mon 23-Jan-17 01:30:21


MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Mon 23-Jan-17 01:32:11

What? I paid about £120 for something very similar but not painted and without the stairs.

£900 for a very average bed without any extras is obscene.

FrankiesKnuckle Mon 23-Jan-17 01:34:26

Bit more reasonable?

I've just ordered a bed from these, prompt delivery and great quality.

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Mon 23-Jan-17 01:35:53

This company is good. You could paint it white very easily or pay someone and still have £400 left over.

Zoflorabore Mon 23-Jan-17 01:41:09

My dd's bed was £900, no way did I pay that though. Waited for it to go on sale and it was less than £400.
I don't know how to link but it's a camper van bed high sleeper with a desk and seat and storage, its beautiful and well made and will do her right through primary school, she is 5.
I wouldn't pay £900 for it though grin

YesAnastasia Mon 23-Jan-17 01:43:54

We need the steps chunky & stable like that for DS. He's only 6 and has dyspraxia. I've been looking for weeks and weeks - this is the only one with everything we want (except a bespoke company that charged £50 less but won't be made for a 4 weeks more gorgeousness

Twinkleheth Mon 23-Jan-17 01:48:12

If you can afford it and you will get the use of it for a few years then go for it, why not? If it's going to put you into debt or mean you can't afford to pay bills, then look for something within your budget. You will be able to sell it on if you keep it in good condition - it is lovely and I get that it's the staircase rather than a step ladder that you like wink

MsMims Mon 23-Jan-17 01:49:14

It is a lot but maybe take some (small grin ) comfort in how much use it will have? They do say to invest in your bed as you spend so much time in it.

How about showing a local carpenter the photo and seeing what they'd charge to knock something similar up?

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Mon 23-Jan-17 01:57:40


Just kidding. sort of

Seriously OP it sounds like you have done your research. Sometimes it is worth spending the money to get quality, and to get exactly what you need. It's not just any old bed, you have specific requirements to help your DS with his condition.

Don't feel guilty.

This is of course assuming you can afford it.

YesAnastasia Mon 23-Jan-17 02:04:44

He has a budget of £1k for a full new room inc the decorator, lighting, carpet etc.
This will not leave much change for those things...

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Mon 23-Jan-17 02:06:33

Well painting can you do yourselves? It's pretty easy.

For everything else, DO go to Ikea or Tiger, you can get some nice stuff there pretty cheap. Does it all have to be done at once?

avamiah Mon 23-Jan-17 02:38:10

I wouldn't worry too much about the decorating and carpet as the bed is your priority.

ZuzuMyLittleGingersnap Mon 23-Jan-17 02:45:13

This any good? £409, incl. steps, storage and desk.

TheBeastInMsRooneysRoom Mon 23-Jan-17 03:05:43

My sister bought 2 of these for her children for the same reasons as you OP. The customer service was fantastic and the beds are very lovely. I couldn't spend it though. My kids put shitty stickers on their lovely solid wood beds angry.

Poosnu Mon 23-Jan-17 04:46:05

My impressions of this company aren't great OP.

I ordered a bookcase (in the sale). The first bookcase was not made well and screws / holes didn't line up so couldn't be assembled. I could assemble the replacement (issued without a problem) but there were still slight faults, just not enough to send back. A desk ordered at the same time came bashed against the rear corner. They issued a discount and touch up paint but at that price there should have been no problems.

Recently I tried to order another bookcase (the only model I could find in the required dimensions). Paid in full as delivery shown as within 10 days. First delivery was cancelled due to stock delays, and they were unable to give a delivery date. When I then asked to cancel the contract, a refund was not processed for 2 weeks.

If you do proceed I would suggest calling to check stock levels before proceeding as website may not be correct. Also consider paying for them to assemble so they can sort out any slight faults making self assembly difficult.

genome Mon 23-Jan-17 04:56:37

We got a bunk bed from here for ours:

They don't have anything exactly the same, but all the beds are made to order to it's possible they might be able to help. The single high sleeper on their website is ~£600. Ours is lovely and solid!

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Mon 23-Jan-17 09:35:56

You could probably get a joiner to make you some steps?

Jellybean83 Mon 23-Jan-17 09:43:05

DS bed cost around that, it is a stompa cabin bed, it came with cubes, shelves, mattress and a desk. It's a good solid bed that will last him years, I could've got him a similar one half the price but they looked a bit cheap and flimsy, you can tell this is a good quality solid bed.

TeenAndTween Mon 23-Jan-17 09:46:57

Have you looked on ebay?
We got a sturdy Stompa high sleeper bed with 3 under bed units off ebay for considerably less than new price. It also had very sturdy steps.

StatisticallyChallenged Mon 23-Jan-17 09:47:31

Get a local joiner- we did this for dd, she has a loft bed that's rock solid with a proper ladder, made to fit her space exactly. Think it cost us about 450

NatalieRushman Mon 23-Jan-17 09:47:46

I wouldn't pay it for just that bed. Perhaps, if the bed and wardrobe was included... you can get cheaper ones similar to it, which is definitely worth considering, especially since it the novelty of raised beds can wear off I may be biased though since I just had to get rid of a perfectly good bed that was slept in for 4 years before being outgrown

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