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Abiu to ask your experiences of ectopic pregnancy

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doughnutobssession Sun 22-Jan-17 18:51:39

I have name changed as this could be identifying. I took a pregnancy test on Thursday (late period) which was positive. The past week I had period pains but no period, this week the Friday Saturday and today I have had horrendous stomach cramps. Kind of like appendicitis pain. I have googled it (stupid I know, and ectopic pregnancy came up).
Another symptom of ectopic is low hcg levels. I had a molar pregnancy previously which I had chemo for. I have also had a healthy pregnancy. The molar pregnancy I had hcg levels of nearly a million the healthy pregnancy my hcg levels were very high. I knew I was pregnant very quickly as I felt so sick, huge sore boobs. With this pregnancy I don't feel sick, I have tender boobs but no more so than when on a period. Sorry for the huge post, I am off to the docs tomorrow, but I am driving myself insane with worry.

Caterina99 Sun 22-Jan-17 19:22:32

I had no pain at all with ectopic pregnancy. Was picked up because of pretty heavy bleeding at 5 weeks and then hcg not falling enough for a natural miscarriage. Horrendous pain I'd go to a&e personally and get checked out asap

SandunesAndRainclouds Sun 22-Jan-17 19:27:21

I didn't know I was pregnant when I had my EP so couldn't comment on hCG levels. I thought it was more to do with how the levels don't follow the expected rate of increasing.

My main symptom was pain. Excruciating abdominal pain which radiated down my leg. The pain started when I was approx 5 weeks, it ruptured when I was just over 8 weeks.

If the pain is appendicitis bad then I'd get checked out if I were you. It's not worth the risk flowers

stresshead84 Sun 22-Jan-17 20:04:01

If you are in any doubt go to A&E. I had no pain initially just continuous bleeding, which my gp dismissed totally. Fast forward 24 hours, I take myself to hospital as I had an almost burning like pain in my lower back on one side all night. While I was there waiting for results, the tube ruptured and I had major internal bleeding. I'm lucky I was there when it burst and the surgeon on call arrived quickly. I was told that had I been elsewhere the outcome could have been very different. Go get checked out. I had none of the classic shoulder tip pain.

doughnutobssession Sun 22-Jan-17 21:42:57

Thank you all for your quick responses. Pain has settled again, it isn't continuous it is on/off goes to around 6-7/10 at the worst. Is sometimes like period pains sometimes stabbing. I am off to the docs tomorrow, I think after the molar I just panic about it all!

mumsanddadsareequal Wed 12-Apr-17 22:52:15

Hi there! How did your trip to the doctor go? I had an ectopic, was 7 weeks when I started bleeding heavily with lots of pain and dizziness (on 5th march at the Baby Show of all places, and I was an exhibitor!). Lots of scans and threats of methotrexate later, I have 'miscarried it on my own'. Hcg levels finally went back to normal last week and bleeding is almost over. It's shit!!! Had an erpc at 12 weeks last year and no children yet. I really hope you had some good news. 50% of the time, an early ectopic can resolve itself apparently. Sending lots of love and hope all is ok xx

Meekonsandwich Thu 13-Apr-17 19:23:05

My mum went through this when I was a teenager, it was scary for both of us, but you need to get checked out because the pain can come quite late on, and can mean a ruptured tube.
She suddenly had excruciating pains one night and went to a and e,
And they said she was so lucky she didn't die, because it was the furthest along ectopic pregnancy they'd ever seen, 12 weeks plus.
She lost one ovary and tube.

Make sure you get good counselling afterwards if it unfortunately is the case, as my mum kind of fell apart a little after losing what would have been her second son.

Firesuit Thu 13-Apr-17 19:53:56

I know this isn't a current issue, but for the sake of anyone who comes across this, the symptoms in a case I know of where fluctuating pregnancy test results (positive then negative then positive over a period of a few days) then a stabbing/throbbing pain in the side.

Polly99 Thu 13-Apr-17 20:00:13

My first ectopic presented as a late period with a BFN, then sore boobs / slightly higher than normal BBT after after my period, then a BFP.

My second ectopic presented as a normal pregnancy.

Any fears should be checked - ectopics are so serious and it is possible to verify location of a pregnancy that is in the uterus from 4-5 weeks. Don't be fobbed off by any GP that still thinks waiting to 6 weeks is necessary or desirable.

Good luck, OP. The things you describe can happen in a normal pregnancy too, which hopefully yours is.

Polly99 Thu 13-Apr-17 20:01:02

Oh sorry , should have checked the date of the OP!

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