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To think I have something wrong with me?

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charliebear78 Sun 22-Jan-17 11:43:14

Well,I am not entirely sure if I DO have something wrong or I am losing my mind..maybe both!

It all started a week before Christmas,I do suffer with IBS but this pain was different..more of a burning feeling below my navel and it didnt go away,moved around to my left rib cage and now its into my back.
My stomach churns constantly and i am burping all the time.
BM are pretty much normal.
Anyway in all this time I have been back and forth to the Docs(and I am not someone who goes usually)
I have had blood tests-normal
Celiac bloods-not come back yet
H Pylori-Neg
Endoscopy-all clear
The Doc is now doing a stool sample for IBD and bloods for Ovarian Cancer markers.

I do feel like they have done most tests they can and I am grateful.
I do worry however and have at times really gotten very anxious,at one point I literally cried everyday and wasnt eating so I have lost weight through this also.
I cant help but google and think the worse.

It surely isnt normal to have back ache and constant burping for over 3 weeks?
I did buy a FOBT online(docs wont do one as I am under 50)
It came back pos which as only made me worry even more.
However I have suffered with piles in the past so thinking this could be a factor so trying to not become to panicked about this.
The Doc as now told me she is referring me to a gastro Doc but this will take months.
I feel on edge constantly and worry daily that I could have something really wrong with me.
Do I need a kick up the ass?

tessiebear4 Sun 22-Jan-17 11:48:23

Definitely have all the tests etc, but bear in mind that anxiety can play havoc with digestion as well.

esiotrot2015 Sun 22-Jan-17 11:49:59

Yes I was thinking the same

When I'm anxious my stomach churns and is unsettled

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