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To think that this was not rude

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namechange3214 Sun 22-Jan-17 10:08:14

Was meaning to post this yesterday but completely forgot till this morning.
I was in Asda yesterday, and I had a trolley. DD was walking alongside me. Half way through our shop, some other child (would guess 4/5?) completely walked in front of the trolley and stopped (it was a small aisle and we couldn't get past) I said to the little girl excuse me, could you please move to the side a bit so we can get past with our trolley. Girl moved to the side which was all well and good. Girls mum comes up and says why are you talking to my child?? I explained what had happened and she said that i was really rude and couldn't i have waited and that I shouldn't speak to her daughter. Full on rant.
AIBU? Is it now a treacherous crime to speak to someone else's child?

2cats2many Sun 22-Jan-17 10:09:20

She's bonkers.

TheOnlyColditz Sun 22-Jan-17 10:09:38

No, she was a twat

atheistmantis Sun 22-Jan-17 10:10:05

She's got a pfb who is a special little snowflake so of course YABU.

Bluntness100 Sun 22-Jan-17 10:10:29

Well I'm not sure why you couldn't just manoeuvre the trolley round the child, but if you were polite then yes she's being over the top.

Catherinebee85 Sun 22-Jan-17 10:11:10

She's a dick. You were right. What the hell did she think you could have said that would have been so damaging?

Megatherium Sun 22-Jan-17 10:11:54

Bluntness, there's a clue in the sentence in the OP "it was a small aisle and we couldn't get past".

acornsandnuts Sun 22-Jan-17 10:12:45

YANDU, Ridiculous women. That's how entitled adults are born, taking offense at been asked politely to do something.

harderandharder2breathe Sun 22-Jan-17 10:15:14

Yanbu she's a twat with a special snowflake (who actually listened to you and moved! Child more mature than parent)

Pettywoman Sun 22-Jan-17 10:17:30

She was a dick, don't worry about it. She's going to have a tough life if she let's stuff like that bother her.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sun 22-Jan-17 10:18:16

She's daft but her daughter thankfully has more sense than her mither

Iamastonished Sun 22-Jan-17 10:19:40

Asda has narrower aisles than other supermarkets Bluntness

You weren't being rude OP, her mum was.

pictish Sun 22-Jan-17 10:44:20

She was rude and bonkers as well. Don't give it another thought.

Serialweightwatcher Sun 22-Jan-17 10:47:02

Oh my goodness ..... you were not rude at all OP - some people are just totally cracked and their poor children will no doubt end up the same way - were you supposed to wait 10 mins until her delightful offspring decided to walk away? Some people make me so flipping mad - no common decency or manners flowers

WorraLiberty Sun 22-Jan-17 10:50:09


I mean YABU for asking such a ridiculous question grin

Allthewaves Sun 22-Jan-17 11:11:59

Any normal parent would have led child to one hand, apologised and reminded dc to not block isle

YouTheCat Sun 22-Jan-17 11:14:43

Parent was a twat who should keep hold of her dd if she's prone to wandering.

NavyandWhite Sun 22-Jan-17 11:40:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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