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Aibu to not know what to do a sick toddler?!?

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Housequeen101 Sun 22-Jan-17 01:30:01

Not the right place for this thread but I couldn't find a "sick" thread and I'm tired and my baby is ill and my house smells of sick, so I'm posting here😊 I'm a FTM and my "baby" is two next month, she has never been sick until tonight, God there was so much sick. I've changed her, changed her bedding and made sure her cot was clean, I've put her back to bed now. What do I do? Should I have put her back to bed on her own? I'm panicking Incase she is sick whilst laying on her back, should I give her normal food tomorrow? Is starving someone when their sick not done anymore? I'm not hopeless I promise 😭 sorry for long post and it posting where I should. Mums helppppp

Rioja123 Sun 22-Jan-17 01:31:08

What is FTM?

fudgecat Sun 22-Jan-17 01:33:32

Im in the same boat, 3 year old dd started vomiting at midnight. It doesnt help that im on my own with two other kids who, touch wood are ok so far

MrsRhettButler Sun 22-Jan-17 01:36:13

Personally I keep them in with me when they're sick, it puts my mind at rest.
I wouldn't give much food but if they really want it then a cracker or something similar.
I hope she feels better soon smile

Housequeen101 Sun 22-Jan-17 01:37:09

Rioja- First time mum
Fudge cat - you poor thing! I can cope with poo but I'm a wimp with sick, the smell makes me want to be sick, luckily my partner is home, fingers crossed the others don't get it x

TheFlyingFauxPas Sun 22-Jan-17 01:37:26

That may be it now but may not. If I were you I'd have her in my bed for the night. Cover the bed with masses of towels. If you have those bedmats they're very handy. See how she is tomorrow. Definitely needs to drink. Something bland in morning. - bit of toast - play it by ear ☺

someonescj Sun 22-Jan-17 01:39:28

Would put her to sleep on her side on an old towel that way it'll be easier to clean, personally I'd sleep on the bedroom floor just incase they're sick again.
Offer her some water and toast or dry cereal in the morning if she's not sick again during the night, if it's a stomach bug food will only make it worse.

NC1nightstand Sun 22-Jan-17 01:49:21

Has she got a temperature op?
I would defo keep her with you. Try not to worry op. Also, if she doesn't eat tomorrow no problem as long as she has plenty of fluids.

MrsRhettButler Sun 22-Jan-17 02:01:48

Yes I should have said, plenty of fluids as she's losing fluid when she's sick.

Lovewineandchocs Sun 22-Jan-17 02:15:50

Agreed, keep her in with you. Plenty of fluids tomorrow, I'd get some dioralyte if you don't have any. Cracker or dry toast if she's really hungry-avoid dairy. It's horrible to see your child ill but she will get better soon-try to get some sleep and have a snuggle day tomorrow. Hope she gets well soon flowers

CripsSandwiches Sun 22-Jan-17 07:45:49

I tend to sleep in with mine when he's sick (or bring him into my room). I would give her what she fancies to eat. If her tummy is settled it might be good for her to have lots of food to replace all the salts she's lost. If her tummy is still dodgy she won't want any anyway. If you're worried about upsetting her tummy stick to the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce,'re safe with potatoes too).Just encourage her to drink water.

PanannyPanoo Sun 22-Jan-17 07:56:49

ice lollies are brilliant for poorly children who cant keep anything down. means they get constant tiny amounts of sugary fluid. Hope you both got some rest and she is feeling better today.

Gizlotsmum Sun 22-Jan-17 08:02:28

If she doesn't want to eat dioralyte is fab for keeping salt/nutrient levels up and is a drink so easier to stomach. I am a light sleeper so if my kids have been sick I leave them in their beds and just keep an ear out ( especially now they are older) lots of towels...

crumble82 Sun 22-Jan-17 08:05:48

My DD (3) was really sick last night whilst laying on her back, I think they wake themselves up (it's only really a problem for unconscious people). Just give her calpol or ibruprofen, lots of water or weak squash and plain things to eat. My DD likes toast and honey, Pom bear crisps, ritz crackers, pears and grapes when she's ill. Prepare for a day on the sofa with Frozen on repeat 😬 Hope she feels better soon 💐

Solasum Sun 22-Jan-17 08:05:50

Pour bicarbonate of soda liberally wherever there is a sticky smell

Solasum Sun 22-Jan-17 08:06:00


PerfectlyPosed Sun 22-Jan-17 08:12:05

My nearly 2 DD was very sick the other morning. Although she seemed fine in herself, I did "starve" her all day and just gave her dry food when she asked for it. I also made sure she drank masses of water and even managed to get her to drink one of those rehydration sachets. We just had a quiet day on the sofa (or what was left of it after I'd had to strip and wash half the cushions). I feel for you though, OP, the smell of sick is horrendous.

BlackeyedSusan Sun 22-Jan-17 10:21:07

if you have any pull-ups left over, today is a good day to put them on. often diarrhoea follows.

Artandco Sun 22-Jan-17 10:23:03

I always keep them in our bed when ill so I can keep an eye on them easier

Olympiathequeen Sun 22-Jan-17 10:30:58

Don't worry about vomiting when she's sick, it doesn't work that way with healthy kids and people. Lots of towels round her and a bucket if possible. Let her drink as much clear fluids or very dilute squash as possible. Let her eat something light, like a rice cake if she wants but dont worry about it. Cal pol for any fever and let her sleep it off.

Caterina99 Sun 22-Jan-17 16:00:21

My 18 m old DS just had his first stomach bug the other day (and then gave it to me and DH. Not fun)

I just treated him same as I would treat myself basically. Keep an eye on them. Try and introduce liquid, but not too much at once. Just a few sips of water until you're sure it's not all going to come back up. DS didn't seem very interested in food anyway the next day, but offer bland food like toast. No milk. We are now 3 days on and he is pretty much eating normally again. The worst is the constant washing. And the smell!

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