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Is it too much to expect communication?

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Lesley1980 Sat 21-Jan-17 23:15:55

My husband keeps making plans without considering me. He goes hardly any nights out so I don't grudge him a social life but he will have it arranged for weeks but tell me a night or 2 before. It's not that I have plans but surely he should say out of courtesy?

The other thing that has made me so angry is that he & his parents seem to make plans with no thought about me. They wanted him to go away with them for the day on Thursday so this week instead of going to a cabin on his week off He had this day trip- which the parents cancelled the night before & rearranged for Today without even mentioning it to me until it was arranged. Then tonight I have the dinner in the oven waiting for him & our 4 year old to come home & he calls to say he is staying over at his parents & already told 4 year old she can have a sleep over. In other words he wants to sit in & drink with them so suggested the sleep over to 4 year old.

I'm always in & I do the childcare so being left alone isn't a big deal but surely some communication is reasonable? I've gone to my parents 1.5hrs away & I don't want to come home. He has work on Monday so can't look after 4 year old but I just feel you don't consider me & do what you like so why should I bother about you? Am I being totally unreasonable making a point that affects his work?

His parents also ask him to do things & go away places they never ask of his brothers because they consider their wife & say no if it doesn't suit the family.

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