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Aibu to think the BBC should be ashamed of the derisory sums for charity on their prime time programmes?

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bbcessex Sat 21-Jan-17 19:03:45

Not sure if I've got this quite right, and actually hope I haven't.

I've got 'Celebrity Pointless' on.. I'm listening with half an ear. Did I really here correctly that the jackpot could be £2,500 for the celeb winners chosen charity?

And .. woo hoo .. £500; per couple consolation if the couples don't win?

BBC.. making a mockery of the charities here, surely? Don't know how the host says it without curling up in embarrassment.

Anyone agree ( or have I got it wrong?)

ghostyslovesheets Sat 21-Jan-17 19:09:13

well they could be giving nothing ...

WhereYouLeftIt Sat 21-Jan-17 19:11:35

So what do you think the sum should be?

EatSpamAmandaLamb Sat 21-Jan-17 19:13:26

Where would they be getting this money from? The licence fee is already incredibly high without adding in cash prizes for charities from public money.

PolaDeVeboise Sat 21-Jan-17 19:14:52

Damned if they do...

Magzmarsh Sat 21-Jan-17 19:15:48

I think it's perfectly reasonable, I can't imagine any charity that benefits being arsey about it and ultimately the money comes from us. What a weird aibu.

ClaudiaWankleman Sat 21-Jan-17 19:16:23

I imagine that over the course of filming the series, the amount given in prize money and donations is something that the OP would probably call 'astronomical' and 'ridiculous'.

civilfawlty Sat 21-Jan-17 19:16:28

I find the BBC criticisms so odd. People complain about taxes and license fees and then complain about them not spending to keep bake-off or like this. Not dissimilar to the NHS. We can't have both - taxes and public services, or neither.

harderandharder2breathe Sat 21-Jan-17 19:16:32

I assume the prize is in line with what the show normally gives its contestants

A lot of celebs choose small charities for whom it actually is a significant amount

The BBC does Children in Need and Comic/Sports Relief annually, that's two events that raise millions of pounds for charity.


lostincumbria Sat 21-Jan-17 19:17:36

What a bollocks thing to post about. Prize budget per regular show is £1k plus bonuses for pointless answers. Celebrity shows guarantee this amount as a consolation but pay out more for the jackpot.

LostSight Sat 21-Jan-17 19:18:21

There are rules about the cash prizes BBC shows are supposed to offer and they have to justify it. Presumably the charities nominated also get free publicity as well as a donation, so it's unlikely they would be upset.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Sat 21-Jan-17 19:20:07

Isn't the licence fee paying?

Allthebestnamesareused Sat 21-Jan-17 19:32:46


BBC shows are funded by the licence payers. Turn over to commercial channels if you want higher prize funds paid for by sponsors.

LizzieMacQueen Sat 21-Jan-17 19:35:28

YABU. It's primary purpose is light entertainment. Maybe with a tiny bit of charity awareness thrown in.

wasonthelist Sat 21-Jan-17 19:43:41

YABU make up the difference if it bothers you OP

SheldonCRules Sat 21-Jan-17 19:45:52

If you think giving £500 to charity is mocking them, presumable you give way more per year?

bbcessex Sat 21-Jan-17 19:57:16

Ha! Looks like I'm on my own then!

Still think it's an embarrassment.

bbcessex Sat 21-Jan-17 19:57:58

Sheldon.. I absolutely do, yes. And I'm an individual.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Sat 21-Jan-17 19:58:44

They could give more if they had advertisements. Then I wouldn't be forced to give money to channels I ararely watch

bbcessex Sat 21-Jan-17 20:02:08

Sheldon. . I'm assuming you don't if you think it's unlikely?

Andrewofgg Sat 21-Jan-17 20:05:33

It's a token amount, given because they cannot pay so-called celebrities for winning these so-called games, only an appearance fee.

Megatherium Sat 21-Jan-17 20:06:32

So are you happy for the licence fee to go up significantly just so that the BBC can hand out more money to charities? Wouldn't it be better for the work those charities do to be funded from taxation?

bbcessex Sat 21-Jan-17 20:10:55

I think charities are grateful for any donations, and I don't think the sums themselves are pointless (ha!) But it just seems a very small amount against a 'gkitzy' backdrop.

bbcessex Sat 21-Jan-17 20:13:33

I'm amazed I'm on my own 😨😨😨😨 I really did cringe when I saw it.

Hmm. Something to think about.

SantasBigHelper Sat 21-Jan-17 20:55:35

The 'glitzy' background is the same set they've had for over 1000 episodes and over seven years. BBC programmes don't have money to throw around the way programmes on the commercial channels do (from a freelancer in the industry).

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