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Broody and confused

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Tessasaurus899 Sat 21-Jan-17 15:22:22

Long story short here...
My fiance of 10 year's became depressed and went on a downward spiral which led to him leaving me. He slept with a mutual friend a few weeks later after a drunken night out, she has admitted to being after him for months and caused many arguments, which conveniently ended up with her being pregnant. She makes no secret of wanting anothet baby so she doesn't need work while the others are at school. During these few weeks he was still seeing me very often and sleeping with me. When he found out she was pregnant he told me straight away and cried which he never does about how he wanted it with me and we got back together. We were planning to have a baby before all this happened (our first) and I'm so ridiculously broody and so jealous of other mums and expecting mums that i just want to cry. I feel like they are everywhere! He wanted a baby for years and i always said its nt the right time but now because the mutual friend is difficult he doesn't want one yet until this one is born. Due in feb. She makes life difficult asking him round for stupid reasons all the time and says I'm not allowed near the baby when it born. Am i broody because it should have been me expecting...i don't know what to think anymore

Patapouf Sat 21-Jan-17 15:55:33

Do not have a baby with that man, he does not respect you and you need to have the self respect to walk away.

You deserve better. My sympathies for the broodiness.

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