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Leisure centre swimming lessons

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Ab1000 Sat 21-Jan-17 09:45:41

I have been bringing both dd and ds to our local leisure centre for Saturday morning swimming lessons for nearly 15 years altogether. AIBU to be annoyed at the following :

Parents wearing shoes pool side to put armbands on their barefooted kids. Muck running off their outside shoes ! I've complained to the CC but nothing is done.

Parents who won't let the teachers teach and have to sit on the edge of the pool teaching their child themselves.

Children who's poor behaviour / poor listening skills disrupts the class for the others.

Parents who complain loudly but are quite to pay the very cheap subsidised price for the lesson - pay for private if you don't like it !! Btw there is nothing to complain about the lessons are fab.

Excuse the rant but I'm sitting at the pool now watching all of the above go on

EastMidsMummy Sat 21-Jan-17 09:48:19

How good are these lessons if your two kids haven't learned to swim in 15 years?

Ab1000 Sat 21-Jan-17 10:00:03

Ds started at three then progressed to through each group up to life saving and diving. Dd us following the same route.

KathArtic Sat 21-Jan-17 10:06:44

Drop them off and go and have a peaceful coffee somewhere.

You are right, but have been doing it too long. Its some of the reasons we stopped going.

bruffin Sat 21-Jan-17 10:08:17

That was uneccessary and ignorant. My dc had lesson until their teens, they are qualified lifeguards.I have been having lessons for 15 years. i can easily swim a mile but lesdons teach me new techniques and get to use flippers etc

Bantanddec Sat 21-Jan-17 10:11:29

Aren't they a bit old for you to be going with them? Do what pp said go and grab a coffee!

Ab1000 Sat 21-Jan-17 10:11:37

Thank you bruffin

Ab1000 Sat 21-Jan-17 10:20:50

Dd is 9. I work all week the weekend is spent either watching swimming, rugby or hockey. I'm watching the swimming from the spectators area at the side. Is this any different from standing on the side of a football pitch?? hmm

LucklessMonster Sat 21-Jan-17 10:35:08

Maybe pay for private if you don't like it?

2ndSopranos Sat 21-Jan-17 10:35:09

Most places actually insist parents stay.

I get what you mean OP. Especially the whinging teach from the side parents.

Bantanddec Sat 21-Jan-17 10:35:32

You said 15 years and didn't specify ages. It's more about it pissing you off being there.

firawla Sat 21-Jan-17 10:39:11

We go to leisure centre lessons and they wouldn't allow any of that! We have to wear those blue over shoe things poolside and need to leave the poolside when lessons are going on. Maybe feed back to swimming manager hopefully they take it on board. The only thing that annoys me with ours is I feel sometimes they have slightly too many in a class I'd prefer smaller but suppose you get what you pay for!

kilmuir Sat 21-Jan-17 10:39:16

I feel you OP. My daughter is a lifeguard and my neighbour is a swim teacher. We use the pool they work at.
One lady walked through changing area to pool side in a pair of dirty wellies! Then customers complain the changing area is dirty! Plenty of over shoe protectors on offer and common sense would say to remove the dirty wellies!
The parents are not allowed to stay poolside. Teachers move them on

Crumbs1 Sat 21-Jan-17 10:45:35

Our local pool makes that behaviour virtually impossible. The public have to go through a foot bath with permanently on showers before entering pool.
I used to love the chat time with other mothers in cafe where you could watch through glass ( if you wanted, most didn't).
Mine swam until the had achieved Bronze medallion level as they weren't allowed to the beach with friends until they had. I hate the idea of weak swimmers in groups of 12-15 kids enjoying horseplay on a beach with no idea of risks. Swimming well was a non-negotiable life skill for mine,

Ab1000 Sat 21-Jan-17 10:46:32

We are really lucky max 6 in a lesson. Plenty of space for them to learn and in the younger classes the teacher is in the pool with them. I've asked for the over shoes and had a letter from the manager to say they are thinking about it !

TheFirstLastKiss Sat 21-Jan-17 10:48:00

My dcs go to swimming lessons at our local pool.

I wish more parents would pay attention to their kids at the pool side! Ds is 4 and nearly his whole lesson is taken up by the teacher trying to control
badly behaved children while their parents just sit and watch or stare at their phones.

It's so frustrating when the lesson is only half an hour and DS spends most of it sat on the side. Once he only actually swam across the pool once!

There's no way I could afford to go private though or pay for a one to one lesson and he doesn't want to stop going.

Gizlotsmum Sat 21-Jan-17 10:49:38

See I am potentially one of those teach from the side parents blush but mostly because I can see my son 'swimming' with his feet on the bottom of the pool ( still in teaching pool) so I call him on it. I also tell him to listen to the teacher. But I do wear the over shoes...

Ab1000 Sat 21-Jan-17 10:53:17

I agree that parents should be paying attention but there's a difference between having a few stern words about behaviour and sitting on the poolside talking them through the lesson. Teachers shouldn't have to tolerate bad behaviour or over encouraging interrupting parents , at 9 mine know straight away following a raised eyebrow from me that they need to get their ears turned on and pay attention. Anyway got to get the next one to a riding lesson now

kilmuir Sat 21-Jan-17 11:16:10

Naughty , disruptive kids have to sit out in our pool. Too much of it and parent has to take child

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