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To ask small businesses to post their Facebook links?

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BadgerBox Fri 20-Jan-17 20:51:40

It saw a lovely post on Facebook today about supporting small businesses this week.

Name change if you must but please post your links below if you own a small business and invite mumsnetters to like the page and let's boost small businesses! Happy Friday!

BawbagBiggins Fri 20-Jan-17 20:57:02

What a lovely idea Badger!
Mine is

BawbagBiggins Fri 20-Jan-17 20:58:18

And yeah to supporting small businesses!

frenchvintagerose Fri 20-Jan-17 20:58:56

Not Facebook - but this is my little illustration business!

frenchvintagerose Fri 20-Jan-17 21:00:23

Whoops blush forgot I am on Facebook for the business (shows how much I use it!)

Lovekitkats Fri 20-Jan-17 21:00:40

Awwww lovely idea! X

Here's mine:

HughJarss Fri 20-Jan-17 21:00:51

Lovely idea. Nothing to post but following to see all the pages.

hanban89 Fri 20-Jan-17 21:01:36

Aah like this. I'll do it for everyone else as well

frenchvintagerose Fri 20-Jan-17 21:09:17

Following all your lovely little businesses! star

VladmirsPoutine Fri 20-Jan-17 21:11:24

Here's a small bump. Happy to support!

UnbornMortificado Fri 20-Jan-17 21:12:40

Following such a good idea.

I'm talentless unfortunately.

Lovekitkats Fri 20-Jan-17 21:12:49

I've followed all the businesses too! grin

namegame Fri 20-Jan-17 21:17:25

namegame Fri 20-Jan-17 21:19:09

Glad my linked worked, following the other business. Some great businesses. smile

RebootYourEngine Fri 20-Jan-17 21:30:03

Going to have a look at these businesses in the morning.

donegalhols Fri 20-Jan-17 21:43:21

Lovely idea, will check out all other pages now.

OneWithTheForce Fri 20-Jan-17 21:43:47

Ooh freshvintagerose I love your Tom Hardy card!!

I am very jealous. I would love to have an Etsy business or similar but I am not good at anything.

Purplehonesty Fri 20-Jan-17 21:44:36


Lovekitkats Fri 20-Jan-17 21:49:04

purple fellow cake maker! Love your work ❤️

WonderGoose Fri 20-Jan-17 21:56:10

Ooh will look at these!

Mine is

Hope it works!

frenchvintagerose Fri 20-Jan-17 22:01:31

Thank you @onewiththeforce !

Who doesn't love Tom H's face. That one was great fun to draw wink

OneWithTheForce Fri 20-Jan-17 22:04:30

It is a beautiful face. grin

ILoveDolly Fri 20-Jan-17 22:10:28

Hi Mumsnet
This is me

HamletsSister Fri 20-Jan-17 22:10:35

This is the flat we rent out in Edinburgh - right in the middle.

simplysarcastic Fri 20-Jan-17 22:15:57


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