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To have told the to licence man to piss off?

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DontGoRhiannonStay Fri 20-Jan-17 12:50:41

I have phoned them so many times and told them we don't need a licence. I have a no licence needed declaration.
So when this guy stood on my doorstep and tried to read me some
Sort of "rights" was IBU to tell him to piss off before shutting the door on him? (It felt amazing)

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Fri 20-Jan-17 12:52:08

Really? Unnecessary to tell someone doing their job to piss off

mygorgeousmilo Fri 20-Jan-17 12:53:13

YANBU although I guess the guy was only doing his job, albeit an annoying one. I tell various door knockers to go away!

JennyOnAPlate Fri 20-Jan-17 12:55:02

Did you actually use the words piss off? If so, you were unreasonable.

TheNaze73 Fri 20-Jan-17 12:55:46

YANBU. They're wankers

WorraLiberty Fri 20-Jan-17 12:56:32

You be ok with being told to piss off during the course of a day's work?

ailPartout Fri 20-Jan-17 12:56:40

Why couldn't you have been polite?

ailPartout Fri 20-Jan-17 12:56:42

Why couldn't you have been polite?

Rainmaker1 Fri 20-Jan-17 12:57:39

YANBU! Tell the cunt to get fucked next time!

DesolateWaist Fri 20-Jan-17 12:58:30

I can see this is annoying but you were very rude.

Pemba Fri 20-Jan-17 12:59:00

They are known to harass people, though Breakfast. I think they get paid a bonus for every licence they manage to sell, and anecdotally they have been known to trick people. For example saying 'please just sign this to say I called' - later on the householder gets a summons to Magistrates Court and finds they have apparently signed admitting they do watch live television.

The OP has done nothing wrong. She has kept them informed, presumably she is telling the truth that she doesn't need a licence, so I understand why she is a bit miffed.

BonnyScotland Fri 20-Jan-17 13:00:07

hahahaaaa how dud the guy react ?

DontGoRhiannonStay Fri 20-Jan-17 13:00:28

He started reading my my rights like a fucking police officer!
And I work in a prison so I receive far worse every day lol

NuclearSwan Fri 20-Jan-17 13:02:07

YANBU! They are crooked buggers.

ThreeShiningStars Fri 20-Jan-17 13:02:45

Well given that from your post you presumably said you didn't have a TV, and had a decleration, and then he ignored this then YWNBU.

Did you tell him you had a decleration and did he ignore you or try and tell you you needed one anyway?

I had horrible letters sent to me a Uni because they wouldn't believe I didn't have a TV in my room. As a teen i naively assumed that I wouldn't have to tell someone i didn't have something. So I also find it ridiculous you have to register for not having a TV/watching TV. To me it's like assuming everyone drives and having to prove you don't have a car to avoid paying car tax.

IcaMorgan Fri 20-Jan-17 13:03:07

Years ago I had a to licence and got a knock at the door. I pointed out I had a licence and he wanted me to accept a caution for not having one anyway and wouldn't listen to me. I eventually took the piece of paper he wanted me to sign and wrote "I do not accept this caution as I do have a licence and am being forced to sign this". Needless to say I never heard from them again, not even an apology

Pseudonym99 Fri 20-Jan-17 13:03:33

The OP has been polite by doing things that aren't even required, such as phoning them and filling in a declaration. She is well within her rights to tell the unwanted visitor to piss off. She should now post a sign up saying something along the lines of 'consent for agents of TV Licencing to be present on my property to knock on my door does not exist'

ThreeShiningStars Fri 20-Jan-17 13:04:04

*declaration. fucks sake

WorraLiberty Fri 20-Jan-17 13:06:59

And I work in a prison so I receive far worse every day lol

What does that have to do with anything?

Pemba Fri 20-Jan-17 13:07:26

Blimey IcaMorgan they had no rights to 'give you a caution*, cheeky gits! They are not police officers.

roseshippy Fri 20-Jan-17 13:08:41

I would have gone with fuck off, personally. But piss off is ok too.

Bunch of cunts.

Pemba Fri 20-Jan-17 13:08:44

Although they would like the general public to imagine they do have those kind of powers. Hence the bogus 'reading you your rights' stuff.

PaulAnkaTheDog Fri 20-Jan-17 13:09:56

Yay, abusing someone for doing their job. Go you!

cupsanddogs Fri 20-Jan-17 13:10:37

I had them trying to get me to sign a declaration that I had no tv license and had been watching tv live but it wasn't even for our house but a neighbouring street, despite me pointing this out several times he still continued having a go at me and telling me others peoples license was higher because of people like me. I had a license.

They are due here next week because neighbouring flat is empty (communal front door) so I'm expecting more of the same shit.

PyongyangKipperbang Fri 20-Jan-17 13:13:03

At one point I was getting visits every 6 weeks, they refused to accept I didnt have a TV. I would always let them in to check, I had nothing to hide, and off they would go, only to come back. Eventually I made a list of the dates that they had visited and when the next one came I gave him the list and said that if they came again I would be reporting them for harrassment. Funnily enough they never came back!

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