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To let 13 year old DS watch Game of Thrones?

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kitnkaboodle Thu 19-Jan-17 00:04:57

We are 4-5 years behind the rest of the world, obv .. I gave DS DVD of the first series in his Xmas stocking. It had a 15 cert on the box, which I gauge to be ok for DS. However, disks inside are variously labelled 15 and 18. From what I can tell, though, the sex scenes seem to be 1960s soft porn-y (yet quite frequent - and gratuitous!) Not sure .. I think I'm probably ok with it. He's quite chilled. Any thoughts? Any shockers to come??

WonkoTheSane42 Thu 19-Jan-17 00:07:00

Haven't you watched any of it yourself? It's full of rape, incest, gory violence. And in episode 2, more importantly, Ned Stark is forced to kill an adorable pet wolf puppy.

JaxingJump Thu 19-Jan-17 00:07:48

Not appropriate for a 13yr old at all.

WonkoTheSane42 Thu 19-Jan-17 00:07:56

But seriously, no, I don't think it's appropriate at all. Like, at all.

Pumpkintopf Thu 19-Jan-17 00:08:08

I suggest you act like a responsible parent and either read the online guide on something like common sense media or watch it first. It's very, graphically,violent. Iirc the 'sex scene ' you describe in the first episode or so is actually a rape. It definitely is not suitable viewing for anyone under 18 in my opinion.

OneWithTheForce Thu 19-Jan-17 00:08:11

I think you should watch it yourself first and then decide.

Eevee77 Thu 19-Jan-17 00:08:34

I wouldn't. I think you should have looked into before giving it to him

DramaAlpaca Thu 19-Jan-17 00:09:22

I wouldn't let my 13 DS year old watch it, absolutely not.

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Thu 19-Jan-17 00:09:54

Yes very 60s soft porn - the explicit sex, strong violence....

I don't believe anyone is this thick. I have the disks and they are labelled 18.


maddon Thu 19-Jan-17 00:10:49

YABU, it's not at all appropriate. Protect your child's innocence, it won't remain for much longer in any case.

ScarletSienna Thu 19-Jan-17 00:12:40

I have chosen not to watch it myself having read reviews and noted the levels of violence and gore so I wouldn't let a child watch it.

BrianCoxWithBellsOn Thu 19-Jan-17 00:15:59

I'm a huge fan of the show. I have a 13 yo DC.


In no uncertain terms, it is bit I suitable. Aside from the rape (of which there is a story arc involving a Viking-esque plunder, rape and pillage invasion), the gratuitous violence and incest, the complex relationships and moral judgements of various characters are way too much for a 13 yo to grasp.

DodoRevival Thu 19-Jan-17 00:16:32

1960s soft porn. What the feck was porn like in the 60s!!! As posters have said rape and incest are frequent. I think there's too many throughly modern fannys occuring to be 60s porn to be honest.

The graphic violence is also not suitable for 13.

kitnkaboodle Thu 19-Jan-17 00:17:55

Report away - this is genuine! I watched the first episode myself, which wasn't as bad as I was expecting. He hasn't watched it yet. Surprised by the overwhelming 'no' here, but I'll take it on board. The box set I bought is labelled 15, but I got it on eBay so it may be from another country. I grew up in the 70s when this kind of stuff was not unknown on fairly mainstream TV. I for one was agog at 'I Claudius' at his age. That has some interesting themes ....

BrianCoxWithBellsOn Thu 19-Jan-17 00:19:11

The constant tits and fannies on show does die down in later series, but they can't get through an entire episode without at least one nipple appearing, at the very least.

It isn't remotely sexy, it's actually laughable. But I'm a grown woman who can tell the difference between a silly switch-real-life-off show and actual real life.

BrianCoxWithBellsOn Thu 19-Jan-17 00:21:18

I'm no pearl-clutcher, but I seriously would not allow a 13 year old child access to this show. I Claudius is not comparable, I assure you.

Hide it and regift it when he's 16 ;)

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Thu 19-Jan-17 00:21:32

I have only watched some of the first series, and some clips from later ones, but I would not let a 13-year-old watch it, I'm afraid.

At the very least, you need to watch each episode before he does - there is some very graphic stuff.

AliceThrewTheFookingGlass Thu 19-Jan-17 00:24:01

I'm a huge fan of GOT but wouldn't let a 13yo watch it. Rape, incest, abuse, the murdering of children etc. It just really isn't suitable.

The 'princess Sireen' episode is probably one of the most horrible bits of TV I've ever seen.

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Thu 19-Jan-17 00:25:34

I love Game of Thrones and I Claudius - you can't compare them though. What was allowed on tv in the 1970s is miles away from this.

The sex and violence in the first season is very explicit - it would be pretty stupid to let a kid of that age watch it.

celtiethree Thu 19-Jan-17 00:26:02

Completely unsuitable, the violence & sex builds as you go through the series. Some episodes are def 18. But you need to watch them all to understand what is happening.

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Thu 19-Jan-17 00:26:42

Alice I agree - I'm pretty desensitised but that really upset me

HelenaGWells Thu 19-Jan-17 00:28:34

No way would I let a child watch it. I have season one and two and the DVD is rated 18. No idea where you got a 15 cert from.

From common sense media

Parents need to know that Game of Thrones (based on the novels by George R.R. Martin) is big-budget fantasy series that frequently depicts brutal battles and graphic, detailed acts of violence (including those against children and women), as well as lots of nudity and no-holds-barred sexuality. The latter is portrayed in an especially iffy manner, with explicit discussion and depiction of incest, adultery, and rape. Strong language, including "f--k," is frequent. Although the series is well produced, even the most sympathetic characters make plenty of iffy choices, and the over-the-top content is questionable for all but adult viewers.

They rate it as 18+

GreatFuckability Thu 19-Jan-17 00:30:13

my 13 year old watches it with me. she's read the first couple of books and loved them, so we watch it together. i think the themes of sex and stuff are obviously there, but there are also other themes which i think are good for girls to see, particularly in later books/series. females taking control, fighting back against a world where it is set against them, i like those ideas.

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Thu 19-Jan-17 00:30:13

Oh and the scene where the brother rapes his twin sister (who he has been shagging for years) next to the body of their dead son is a highlight...

DodoRevival Thu 19-Jan-17 00:30:22

Is the Princess Sireen episode the one with the squished (via the eyes) head?

With the sex too I don't think the general disposable usage of women message is particularly healthy for a 13 year old boy. I'm trying to recall a sex scence where the woman is of equal 'status', but nothing springs to mind, expect where she's with another woman maybe.

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