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To think I'm invisible or these people are ignorant?

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zsazsa468 Wed 18-Jan-17 20:05:22

First timer poster, long time lurker!

What's got me to post is a conversation that happened today, the ladies involved I'll call Sharon, Tracey and Dorian.

So not to drip feed a bit of background information. I go to baby class and today was my third time. Everyone else there know each other from their nct group, they meet up regularly, host events in their houses, join classes together and have a wassap group. All seem nice enough for a hello and chit chat before the session starts.

Anyway after the session I go next door to a waiting area where I can feed my ds. It's a small room that holds 8 four seater tables and a corner sofa.

So I go in, make myself comfortable and start feeding ds. Three ladies Sharon, Tracey and Dorian from the group then come in about 5 mins after me. They sit on the other side of the room, and only Sharon says hello sort of. It was more a friendly comment about my ds.

On one hand I think it's slightly rude given how small the room is they sit on the furthest side from me and ignore me but in the other hand I think that's fair enough, they want to have a bit of a private catch up seeing as they are friends and I don't really know then. So no big deal, would have been nice to have been included but they want a catch up.

And my goodness what a catch up it was!

It started off being pfb stuff about weaning, cue a lot of laughter in my head. For example the waiting area doesn't have a high chair so shell had to feed baby in her buggie.

Then Tracey asks what's she's missed about a fourth lady, Daryl, in their group, who also comes to this baby class. Dorian gets her teeth into it. Dorian starts off saying that Daryl's still being a psycho!

At this point I expect of lowering of voices or hushed tones as I'm clearly in the room! Ds is fussing a bit so it's not like they forgot.

Dorian and Tracey basically now start to really get nasty. They talk about how Daryl's always lying, she's insecure, her husband is probably having a affair, she's a attention seeker. Sharon maybe the only aware one as she was quiet during this.

The penny drops with the amount of detail they are going into about the husband's job, that I actually know which lady from the class they are talking about. Daryl is a lady who was in the waiting room the week before and she's been telling me about having PND and what a great support her nct group have been to her!

Dorian gets up and changes her baby's nappy on the sofa next to me and keeps on talking. Now it's about Daryl's husband lying about his whereabouts on New Years Eve and Tracey's moaning about what Daryl's putting on wassap.

By now I've finished feeding ds so I get up and walk past them to get to the door, not saying a word as Im not in their conversations. Sharon says bye and Tracey sounding slightly shocked says bye.

AIBU to think they shouldn't have had this conversation right in front of me?

I feel so sorry for Daryl and wish I had said to this group of witches that they were having a inappropriate conversation in front of me. I don't feel like I should say anything to Daryl as she's getting over PND.

Really feel like I should say something but it's also not my place to. It feels likes I've been put in such a awkward position.

JustGettingStarted Wed 18-Jan-17 20:11:36

Say nothing. Just ignore and remember that they're gossips.

Magzmarsh Wed 18-Jan-17 20:15:53

And are you any better for repeating it all here?

Crowdblundering Wed 18-Jan-17 20:16:20

Stop watching Birds of a Feather.

Make mental note they are two faced bitches.

ConvincingLiar Wed 18-Jan-17 20:21:10

Perhaps you can try and be a genuine support/friend next time you see Daryl?

zsazsa468 Wed 18-Jan-17 20:22:49

No I'm not any better, everyone has a good bitch now and again. I've never witness one so openly before though.

However I doubt that these birds of a feather would mind this post seeing as the conversation was a public one.

Just feel really bad for Daryl as this is what she views as her support network.

ConvincingLiar Wed 18-Jan-17 20:25:16

Perhaps you can try and be a genuine support/friend next time you see Daryl?

MontePulciana Wed 18-Jan-17 20:34:46

Stay away from these women. They sound poisonous.

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