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To abandon DS1 at playschool tomorrow?

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BlurryFace Wed 18-Jan-17 15:39:27

Obviously not really, but fuck me it's the only place he behaves. I go to collect him and hear "he's been no trouble" last time he was actually packing away a box of toys!!! Can't get him to help me with that at home.

I took the boys to toddler group and he got a bit lairy and my friend said "has he been like this all morning?" No mate, he's been much worse. He thrives on going out, but my god he makes it hard work. Get him all ready to go, go to get DS2 ready/pack a bag and his shoes and socks have disappeared and the lounge is in the process of being dismantled. He pushes DS2 around something awful when he gets cross, even his beloved Nanny has started bearing the brunt of his temper now.

I'm not alone, am I? He can be so sweet sometimes but then he just flips, it's like pouring water on a mogwai.

TheTantrumCometh Wed 18-Jan-17 16:18:22

Not alone at all. DD went through a stage like this, especially in the months leading up to starting school. She just got bored and no matter how much I tried to fill our day it just wasn't enough. She needed the structure and the stimulation that school provides. I also think children are far more likely to cooperate if their among their peers and see them doing the same things, hence why he's also a lot more helpful at preschool.

Show me a parent who has never ever been thankful for preschool/school just to have a few hours break and I'll show you a liar (or an extremely lucky bastard) grin

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